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April 13, 2021

Indicative Unveils ‘Journeys’ to Give Product Teams Better Insight into Customer Behavior

NEW YORK, April 13, 2021 — Indicative, product analytics for the data warehouse, is today announcing the release of Journeys, a new tool for mapping and visualizing the customer journey that empowers product managers to discover the paths that users most frequently take through websites and applications.

Connecting directly to an organization’s cloud data warehouse, Indicative’s platform democratizes access to in-depth data analysis. Indicative’s newly released Journeys tool is designed for product leaders and data teams to observe, catalog, and action the paths that customers take through an app or website.

“To best understand how customers interact with products, it’s necessary for product managers and data analysts to visualize their journey across every touchpoint,” said Jeremy Levy, CEO of Indicative. “Journeys makes this process simple by integrating seamlessly with a cloud data warehouse like BigQuery, Redshift or Snowflake to pull detailed reports with only a few clicks.”

Product teams or data analysts using Journeys will input a starting event that represents a customer action taken on a website or app. Indicative Journeys will then display all observed customer paths stemming from that starting event. Users can drill deeper into customers’ most popular paths to properly align the product roadmap and determine the most valuable marketing channels. Combined with Indicative’s unique Multipath Funnel and segmentation analysis, product and marketing managers can conduct in-depth analysis without the need to write code or know SQL.

“Using Indicative, we have been able to improve our customer engagement and retention by identifying and improving features that drive usage and eliminate pain points in our product flow,” said Daniel Farkas, CEO and Co-Founder of language learning app Drops. “The introduction of Journeys to an already powerful analytics platform empowers Drops to visualize the popularity of the various paths our customers take through our product and permits us to interact with those journeys to create new segments and queries. We are already implementing it into our internal processes.”

Indicative’s analytics platform for the cloud data warehouse comes with one-click integrations to  popular cloud data warehouses, while custom data warehouse integrations are available alongside Journeys for Enterprise customers. Journeys is available for all Indicative customers at the Professional and Enterprise levels right now.

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About Indicative:

Indicative is a product analytics platform for your data warehouse. By connecting directly to a single source of data — BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake and more — and providing simple tools to analyze customer behavior, Indicative enables product managers, data analysts and growth marketers to make data-driven business decisions. In the market since 2014, Indicative has helped companies like Prezi, TodayTix, and HavenLife improve their customer experiences.

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