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June 29, 2022

Immuta Adds Policy Enforcement to Unity Catalog in the Databricks Lakehouse Platform

BOSTON, June 29, 2022 — Immuta, a leader in data access and data security, announced that it has strengthened its partnership with Databricks by integrating its market-leading policy enforcement engine into Databricks Unity Catalog. Now, Databricks customers can easily and consistently enforce data access policy across workspaces without allowing Databricks workspace admins to bypass or change permissions on said policies. Immuta is one of the first Databricks partners to integrate its policy engine into Unity Catalog, building a deeper level of customer trust through enhanced and consistent policy management and enforcement.

“We’re in the midst of a paradigm shift where increasing data volumes, policies, and consumers are pushing organizations to compute and leverage that data in new and different ways, but access control hasn’t kept up,” said Steve Touw, CTO, Immuta. “With our market-leading policy engine addressing the management challenges associated with data policies, and Databricks’ Unity Catalog solving the enforcement challenges, we’re providing the missing link to the access control in the modern stack for the privacy era.”

Combining the Databricks Unity Catalog with Immuta’s industry-leading data access platform enables complete data governance with granular data security. While most policy engines leverage role-based access control (RBAC), which delineates access rights based on the roles of individual users within an enterprise, Immuta’s policy engine uses attribute-based access controls (ABAC), which provide access rights based on user, environment, or resource attributes, significantly reducing policy complexity. For example, a top global car manufacturer had over 400 pages of role-based rules on data, but with Immuta, they reduced that to just 54 attribute-based policies, which can be applied at scale. This new integration with Databricks Unity Catalog makes Immuta-orchestrated ABAC policies even more powerful and non-invasive, taking the solution to new levels and empowering data platform teams to unlock data sharing use cases across different Databricks workspaces and metastores.

“The goal of our Unity Catalog is to make it easier for our customers to discover, audit and govern data assets in one place to help meet their compliance and privacy needs,” said Jonathan Keller, Senior Director of Product Management at Databricks. “Immuta’s automated and secure data policy engine is a key piece of this data governance puzzle, and we are thrilled to be joining forces to help in our effort of simplifying the process of securing and governing data and AI assets across multiple clouds.”

This integration reinforces Immuta as one of the most innovative data access and data security leaders on the market. Continuously seeking to add value and simplify secure data access, Immuta is addressing the key challenges of policy management and access delineation at scale.

To learn more about this integration, register for Steve Touw and Databricks’ Sr. Director of Product Management Jonathan Keller’s Data + AI Summit session here.

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Immuta is the market leader in secure Data Access, providing data teams one universal platform to control access to analytical data sets in the cloud. Only Immuta can automate access to data by discovering, protecting, and monitoring data. Data-driven organizations around the world trust Immuta to speed time to data, safely share more data with more users, and mitigate the risk of data leaks and breaches. Founded in 2015, Immuta is headquartered in Boston, MA. To learn more about Immuta careers, click here.

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