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July 9, 2018

H1 Announces Continued Growth and Expansion of Healthcare Machine Learning Analytics Platforms

NEW YORK, July 9, 2018 — H1, a New York-based healthcare data-driven solutions provider, today announced continued growth and expansion of its global healthcare analytics platforms marked by strong top-line revenue growth.

In the past year, H1 has grown from an initial team of five employees to over 150 employees globally, with international offices in New York, London, Seattle, and Hyderabad, India. With a team of over 30 data scientists and software engineers, H1 recently reported a 300% increase in top-line revenue growth.

“We created and founded H1 with a goal to use data science to improve outcomes and reduce costs in drug discovery and development; to enable pharmaceutical and life sciences companies to reduce costs and improve efficiency,” said Ariel Katz, Chief Product Officer at H1. “Our long-term mission is to develop and launch new healthcare technology platforms that utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to solve problems in healthcare.”

H1’s product suite uses the latest in data science and subject matter experts to produce proprietary data intelligence products for healthcare and life sciences companies.

The current suite of products include:

H1.Ada: Institution and Expert Profiles which leverage a rich and powerful database of institutional and expert profiles to quickly discover the most relevant information for any profiling task at hand.

H1.Curie: Opinion Leader Identification & Analysis tools for a medical affairs organization to identify, analyze, and apply the critical information surrounding opinion leaders. Get a complete picture of how and why an individual is impacting a given therapeutic area or discipline.

H1.Darwin: Our proprietary database updates in real-time, letting you dive deep into the worlds of basic research, drug development, and clinical trials.

Founded in 2017, H1 is funded by Shore Group Associates, a leading data solutions provider to top-tier financial services, healthcare companies, and educational institutions.

About H1

H1 was built by scientists for scientists. We empower stakeholders at healthcare and life science companies to make smarter scientific decisions by providing access to critical data through an intuitive interface. Working with some of the largest and most influential global life science organizations, H1 provides insight into thought leaders, scholarly content, academics, and healthcare professionals. For more information on H1, please visit

About Shore Group Associates

Shore is a leading data solutions provider to top-tier financial services, healthcare companies, and educational institutions, solving some of their most complex data challenges. Through a powerful combination of analytics, proprietary technology, and a strong team of quantitative and research experts, Shore enables businesses to efficiently extract and enrich critical information and improve key decision making. For additional information, please visit

Source: H1

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