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December 11, 2020

Domo Supports Smartronix Team to Deliver R-T Tracking of COVID-19 Response Spending

SILICON SLOPES, Utah, Dec. 11, 2020 — Domo (Nasdaq: DOMO) announces being part of the Smartronix Team in supporting the launch of the Pandemic Response Accountability Committee’s (PRAC) public website. With interactive visualizations powered by Domo’s modern analytics and BI platform, the website is a rich and immersive experience aimed at driving public engagement with the PRAC and providing insight into the use of CARES Act funds.

The PRAC was established by the CARES Act to promote transparency and oversight of the approximately $2.6 trillion in economic-relief funding provided by the Federal Government to U.S. citizens, businesses, medical providers, and impacted industries. As part of PRAC’s mission, Smartronix was tasked to build this user-friendly website for public interaction and disclosure.

Domo, as part of the Smartronix Team, alongside such industry leaders as Mobomo, Woolpert, Grant Thornton, and Microsoft, worked on redesigning and launching the PRAC site in several short weeks. Domo, through its backend data integration capabilities, transforms millions of rows of data from different Government agencies into a format that quickly and easily allows citizens and state and local governments to view and identify which entities received contracts, grants, loans, direct payments, or other forms of aid.

This graphic does not include an estimated $298 billion in tax relief/credits. Source: Public Laws 116-123, 116-127, 116-136, and 116-139; Agency Appropriations Information verified through OIG and Treasury Data.

“The PRAC website highlights the importance of good data to help inform sound decision-making and policymaking,” said Ben Schein, Vice President of Data Curiosity at Domo. “This website is an important example of the Government’s effort to provide transparency of pandemic spending. By enabling citizens to analyze and interact with the data, they can not only interact with this information themselves, but also understand how the Government is supporting economic relief in different sectors of the community.”

Commenting on this partnership, Rob Groat, Executive Vice President of Technology and Strategy at Smartronix said, “We’re excited to have Domo join our team, making significant contribution to the delivery of such a needed and transformational program for the US government program. We have successfully partnered in the past, and with this success look forward to future opportunities to work together.”

As the country responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, Smartronix, Domo, and additional partners will continue to deliver capabilities to the PRAC, including:

  • Interactive dashboards and maps to find COVID-related spending by state, city, county, congressional district, and zip code;
  • Easy search functions to track COVID-19 funding by agency, geography, and keywords; and
  • A digital hotline for reporting potential fraud, waste, abuse, and mismanagement of COVID-19 relief funding.

To access the PRAC public website, visit

To access Domo’s free COVID-19 tracker, visit

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