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October 27, 2022 Sponsors and Presents at Data Citizens ’22, Launches New Orchestrator for Collibra

LONDON, Oct. 27, 2022 —, the software company dedicated to helping organizations build, test and deploy their critical data applications and data products more effectively, and Collibra, the Data Intelligence company, today announced the availability of the Orchestrator for Collibra. The Orchestrator provides a direct integration with Collibra from the universe of metadata and other information from pipelines and more. is also proud to be a Premier Sponsor and presentation partner at their upcoming Data Citizens ’22 event, being held on November 1-3 in San Diego, California and broadcast online. is presenting on Thursday at 9:45am PST for “Data Products as first-class citizens in a Snowflake architecture“. Register for the event at, and learn more in the blog, “The Road to Collibra Data Citizens 22“.

“The Collibra Data Intelligence Cloud is a perfect enterprise platform to complement the technical benefits for Snowflake Data Cloud developers who need to deliver a complete business solution to all their users, and ease the management of their growing data product portfolio,” said John Marchese of “Our platform now provides a low-code Orchestrator for Collibra and collects critical operational metadata on data pipelines, data usage, and data infrastructure, that in combination with Collibra’s powerful data catalog and data quality capabilities can demystify and deliver major business benefits to joint customers.”

Collibra enables data engineers and business stakeholders to understand the structure and lineage of data assets across the entire Snowflake Data Cloud, from ingestion to analytics, through a collaborative interface. CDOs and other data stakeholders have a holistic view of the data’s linage and quality across business use cases. Collibra Data Quality can proactively manage and continuously monitor the operational metadata telemetry that proactively pushes into the Collibra Data Catalog to jointly ensure our customers benefit from the highest quality data pipelines possible using true DataOps.

Joint and Collibra customers such as Roche Diagnostics are already using Collibra to understand data distribution, schema, and lineage. integrates and orchestrates Collibra as part of the overall Roche data pipelines and provides an additional unique perspective in terms of the operational metadata gathered from all the disparate data pipeline components of Snowflake data products. As a result, organizations can build test, and deploy data pipelines faster, and unify metadata to make better business decisions. Collibra also provides the data catalog for publishing all new data products and updates, along with the most recent features, documentation, and any operational telemetry the customer wishes to track.

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