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April 13, 2023

Dataiku and Genpact Partner to Deliver MLOps and Responsible AI Solutions

NEW YORK, April 13, 2023 — Dataiku and Genpact, a global professional services firm focused on delivering outcomes that transform businesses, have announced a strategic alliance to help organizations accelerate artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) initiatives to transform their businesses at scale.

Dataiku’s Everyday AI platform, combined with Genpact’s technology-agnostic MLOps and Responsible AI framework, will provide a differentiated solution that addresses major challenges faced by organizations in the implementation of AI, such as data governance, model management, and compliance requirements.

The alliance will enable organizations to define their MLOps and ML engineering strategies, design and develop automated pipelines, and build cutting-edge MLOps processes on Dataiku’s platform paired with the expertise of Genpact’s AI/ML consultants. This will provide reliable, repeatable experiences, enabling users with a faster time-to-market for ML projects. Additionally, the alliance will provide a framework for Responsible AI and will help ensure compliance with changing regulations and guidelines for data.

“Our relationship with Genpact brings immense value to organizations across various verticals by enabling them to build and operationalize their ML solutions with MLOps and Responsible AI,” said Brian Power, Global Vice President, Consulting and Systems Integrator Partners at Dataiku. “Dataiku’s platform, combined with Genpact’s deep expertise and multi-faceted skills, will provide solutions that help organizations transform their businesses and unlock the full potential of AI and ML at scale.”

“Organizations bound for success strategize on the right operating model and process to effectively implement change management in the upstream and downstream digital mindset of a business,” said Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Digital Strategist, Genpact. “No longer is the AI/ML space siloed: It is the glue that bridges the gap between business and technology expertise and fuels business results. Partnering with Dataiku is a strategic move for Genpact that will benefit clients seeking to drive business impact through Responsible AI.”

To learn more about deploying AI at scale with the experts at Genpact and Dataiku, click here.

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