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March 6, 2023

DataGrail Unveils New Privacy Dashboard

SAN FRANCISCO, March 6, 2023 —  DataGrail has launched a new Privacy Dashboard that provides actionable recommendations to improve privacy management in an ongoing and scalable way. The fully modernized dashboard gives instant visibility into the current and historic health and impact of a company’s privacy program. It goes beyond simple tracking and reporting to help legal and security leaders truly understand and effectively communicate privacy risk, while its personalized, smart prioritization of tasks highlights focus areas and encourages teams to become more operationally efficient. The Privacy Dashboard has received outstanding feedback from DataGrail customers, including Okta, Dexcom, Qualtrics, and Heartflow.

The dashboard debuts at a time when consumers increasingly view privacy as a human right and new regional and global privacy legislation are constantly being introduced. Businesses must react and appropriately secure and manage personal data across all their systems and applications. However, companies struggle to understand the impact of privacy risk as a leading indicator of overall business risk. By delivering actionable insights aimed at protecting consumers and internal resources, DataGrail’s new Privacy Dashboard sets the standard for effectively identifying risk and gives businesses an unprecedented look at program health.

“Privacy is in the DNA of business risk. It’s the canary in the coalmine,” said Daniel Barber, Co-founder & CEO of DataGrail. “If you’re not solving for privacy, you’re not holistically addressing business health. Understanding it — and taking action to improve your privacy posture — is critical to reducing your overall business risk and upholding trust.”

Outsmart Risk: The New Look of Data Privacy

Lack of visibility into privacy programs has been a consistent problem, as many companies are forced to manually consolidate data from multiple sources to get the big picture. This is not only time-consuming, but it makes it much more difficult to spot issues, identify risks, and understand trends. DataGrail’s new dashboard instantly surfaces insights, introduces actionable recommendations to reduce risk, and is backed by DataGrail’s real-time integration network for industry-leading accuracy. Legal and security teams can easily prioritize their most critical privacy work and demonstrate the overall impact of their program on the overall business.

Key benefits of DataGrail’s Privacy Dashboard include:

  • Business risk reduction: DataGrail’s Privacy Dashboard grows with your business, offering the first privacy-specific interface to proactively reduce business risk.
  • Source of truth: Businesses monitor data privacy management and identify opportunities for privacy program improvement — all from a single interface.
  • Clear prioritization: Teams identify urgent tasks and use the data to forecast privacy program trends. This allows them to continuously optimize their impact by improving focus and velocity.
  • Privacy ROI: Companies can communicate the value of automation across their privacy program to the rest of the organization. Metrics for “Money” and “Time Saved” are front and center.

Learn more about the new Privacy Dashboard at DataGrail’s virtual “Outsmart Risk” event on March 30th.

About DataGrail

DataGrail is the Privacy Control Center modern brands rely on to build customer trust and reduce business risk. Security, legal, and privacy teams use DataGrail to automate privacy workflows and support compliance with regulations like GDPR, CCPA, and CPRA. With 1,800+ pre-built connections for popular apps and infrastructure, DataGrail offers continuous system detection, responsible data discovery, guided privacy assessments, and automated data subject request (DSR) fulfillment to power the world’s most trusted businesses.

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