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November 28, 2022

BigDATAwire (Formerly Datanami) Reveals Winners of 2022 Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards

LAS VEGAS, Nov. 28, 2022 — BigDATAwire (formerly Datanami), the leading publication covering big data, analytics, and AI news, today announced the winners of its seventh annual Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Awards. The awards recognize the companies and products that have made a difference in the big data community in 2022 and provide insight into the current state of the industry.

BigDATAwire has designated two categories of awards: (1) Readers’ Choice, where winners have been elected by a global community of readers, and (2) Editors’ Choice, where winners have been selected by BigDATAwire editors. The process started with an open nomination process, with voting taking place throughout the month of October. 

“Navigating the world of big data isn’t easy these days, as the number of players has skyrocketed,” said BigDATAwire Managing Editor Alex Woodie. “That’s why the Readers’ Choice Award is so valuable, as it signals which products have met the ultimate test: Adoption by real-world users. Congratulations to all the winners of the 2022 Readers’ Choice Awards!” 

These awards, now in their seventh year, are gaining recognition as being among the most prestigious recognition given by the big data and AI community to its own each year, and are the only awards that provide open voting to a worldwide audience of end users.  

More information on these awards can be found on Twitter through the following hashtag: #BigDATAwireRCA22. 

The 2022 BigDATAwire  Readers’ and Editors’ Choice Award Winners Are:


Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Machine Learning and Data Science Platform 

Readers’ Choice: Dataiku

Editors’ Choice: DataRobot AI Cloud

Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Edge and Internet of Things 

Readers’ Choice: Confluent Cloud

Editors’ Choice: Nvidia Jetson AGX Orin 

Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Stream Processing and Streaming Analytics 

Readers’ Choice: Confluent Cloud

Editors’ Choice: Apache Flink

Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Business Intelligence and Data Visualization 

Readers’ Choice: Tableau 

Editors’ Choice: ThoughtSpot

Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Transactional Database 

Readers’ Choice: PostgreSQL

Editors’ Choice: MongoDB

Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Analytics Database 

Readers’ Choice: Apache Druid

Editors’ Choice: TigerGraph Enterprise 

Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Cloud Data Service 

Readers’ Choice: Redis Enterprise Cloud by Redis 

Editors’ Choice: Wasabi Cloud Storage

Best Data and AI Product or Technology: Data Fabric/Data Mesh 

Readers’ Choice: Starburst Enterprise

Editors’ Choice: Cloudera Data Platform

Best Data Storage Solution 

Readers’ Choice: MinIO

Editors’ Choice: StorMagic SvSAN

Top 3 Data and AI Startups 

Readers’ Choice: 



Editors’ Choice: 

Monte Carlo 

Pecan AI 


Top 3 Data and AI Vendors 

Readers’ Choice: 




Editors’ Choice: 


Google Cloud 

Microsoft Azure

Top 3 Data and AI Open Source Projects to Watch 

Readers’ Choice: 

Apache Cassandra 

Apache Iceberg 

Apache Pulsar

Editors’ Choice: 



Delta Lake 2.0

Top Data and AI Achievement 

Readers’ Choice: Mapping Impacts of Climate Change — President Biden’s National Climate Taskforce leverages geographic information systems (GIS) from Esri and others to map the spread of heat-trapping gasses like carbon dioxide and methane; to help place green energy sources like offshore wind and solar farms; and to predict where extreme weather is most likely to occur.

Editors’ Choice: Leveraging Medical Data in the Cloud — Providence Health and Services, one of the country’s largest healthcare groups, overcomes security obstacles to unleash the power of data in the Microsoft Azure cloud with advanced analytics, machine learning, and streaming data use cases.


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