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May 27, 2020

Atrium Expands Enterprise Analytics Capabilities with Snowflake Partnership

INDIANAPOLIS, May 27, 2020– Atrium announced a partnership with Snowflake in order to further assist enterprises in leveraging their data through the power of AI. Atrium’s service offerings, powered by Snowflake, will enable Atrium prospects and customers to further evolve their investments in business intelligence with the added benefits of Snowflake’s market-leading cloud data platform.

Atrium will look to augment Snowflake’s consulting partner network by creating unique service offerings focused on deploying predictive analytics and machine learning use cases. The partnership will focus on helping companies transform their data from operational reporting and analytics to predictive analytics in an environment of rapid migration to cloud-based analytics and AI.

“Snowflake’s innovation as a cloud data platform is setting the standard for companies looking to dramatically accelerate their adoption of AI and analytics. Snowflake has made tremendous progress in helping Fortune 1000 companies migrate significant analytics workloads from on-premise legacy data warehousing solutions to modern cloud infrastructure,” said Chris Heineken, Atrium CEO and co-founder. “We expect Snowflake to be a critical partner in helping our customers along their journey toward developing enterprise-wide use cases for AI and analytics.”

A first priority for Atrium’s Snowflake practice will be to work closely with Snowflake customers to develop analytics and AI strategies with close linkages to investments in Salesforce and Tableau software.

“Atrium is a great addition to the Snowflake Partner Program. Their focus on helping companies evolve legacy analytics investments into a modern data architecture is a perfect fit for Snowflake customers,” said Kevin Miller, Vice President of Global Systems Integrators at Snowflake. “Atrium’s success in the market is lowering the barriers for companies to take advantage of cloud-based analytics and AI.”

Atrium is currently developing playbooks to help the market frame the best approaches for merging the product roadmaps developed from Salesforce, Tableau, Amazon, and other leading analytics providers.

“Our vision continues to be around enabling companies to leverage analytics and predictions to drive positive business transformation through better decision making,” said Atrium Snowflake Practice Lead, Dustin Weaver. “Our partnership with Snowflake will greatly enhance that capability.”

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About Atrium:

Atrium ( is a next-generation consulting services company that helps companies navigate business transformation by establishing IT systems of intelligence augmented with artificial intelligence and analytics. We take a data-driven approach by fusing together industry and process expertise across the disciplines of math, programming, and consulting. Founded in 2018, Atrium is recognized as a leader in enabling Fortune 1000 companies across diverse industries to deliver on the promise of digital transformation and AI.

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