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Automation of Automation: IBM PowerAI Tools Aim to Ease Deep Learning Data Prep, Shorten Training

May 10, 2017 |

A new set of GPU-powered AI software announced by IBM today brings automation to many of the tedious, time consuming and complex aspects of AI project on-ramping while reducing deep learning training times, according to Big Blue, from weeks to hours with a new, distributed version of TensorFlow running on clusters. Read more…

IBM Debuts Power8 Chip with NVLink and 3 New Systems

Sep 8, 2016 |

Not long after revealing more details about its next-gen Power9 chip due in 2017, IBM today rolled out three new Power8-based Linux servers and a new version of its Power8 chip featuring on-chip NVLink interconnect. Read more…

Why Hadoop on IBM Power

May 12, 2014 |

In the quest to achieve data-driven insight, Hadoop running on Intel X86-based processors has emerged as a defacto standard. But X86 is not the only game in town, and before the book on Hadoop is written, IBM would like to say a thing or two about the virtues of running Hadoop on its Power processor. Read more…

IBM Makes A $1-Billion Bet To Make Watson A Business

Jan 9, 2014 |For the past two years, since its Watson question-answer system went on the Jeopardy! game show and beat the two best humans at this game, an IBM team with a few hundred people centered in Austin, Texas, has been working on ways to commercialize Watson and put it to work. With the launch of the Watson Group inside of IBM today in New York, Watson is entering its third phase, where IBM is investing $1 billion over several years to extend the technologies underpinning Watson and get them into mainstream products and services. Read more…
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