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May 10, 2017

Automation of Automation: IBM PowerAI Tools Aim to Ease Deep Learning Data Prep, Shorten Training

A new set of GPU-powered AI software announced by IBM today brings automation to many of the tedious, time consuming and complex aspects of AI project on-ramping while reducing deep learning training times, according to Big Blue, from weeks to hours with a new, distributed version of TensorFlow running on clusters.

The new PowerAI software is comprised of four primary parts:

  • “AI Vision,” a tool designed for developers with limited knowledge of deep learning to train and deploy deep learning models for computer vision.
  • Integration with IBM Spectrum Conductor cluster virtualization software that integrates Apache Spark to ease transforming unstructured and structured data sets to prepare them for deep learning training.
  • A distributed computing version of TensorFlow, the open-source machine learning framework built by Google, that can run on a virtualized cluster of GPU-accelerated servers, which IBM said cuts learning training time from weeks to hours.
  • “DL Insight,” a new tool that helps data scientists to sharpen the accuracy of deep learning models by monitoring the deep learning training process and automatically adjusting parameters for peak performance.

“We’re adding a set of tools to ease development for data scientists and we’re adding a set of features that accelerate the training time,” IBM’s VP, HPC, AI and Analytic, Sumit Gupta, told EnterpriseTech. “PowerAI makes it much easier for data scientists and developers to use AI to build their applications, rather than having to write complicated code, worry about cluster management, and issues of that kind.”

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