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The Polyglot Problem: Solving the Paradox of the ‘Right’ Database

May 29, 2019 |

Polyglot Persistence, first introduced in 2011, is now almost canon law in IT. So, what I have to say may come across as blasphemy.

Most organizations today have adopted the concept of Polyglot PersistenceRead more…

Basho to Bolster Riak with DB Plug-Ins

May 5, 2014 |

The simplicity and scalability of a key-value storage architecture has served Basho Technologies well so far. The company behind the open source Riak NoSQL database counts close to 200 customers, including blue chips like Best Buy and AT&T. Read more…

Redis Labs Emerges to Push Hosted NoSQL Business

Jan 29, 2014 |The second time was a charm for Redis Labs, the new name for the company that offers cloud hosting of the open source NoSQL database of the same name. Formerly Garantia Data, the company (which tried to change its name last fall) is gearing up for growth, and aiming to get on the radar screens of those holding the corporate purse strings, not just developers. Read more…