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ML Scaling Requires Upgraded Data Management Plan

Apr 16, 2021 |

Successful data strategies are built on a foundation of meticulous data management, creating enterprise architectures that “democratize” data access and usage, yielding measurable results from machine learning platforms.

The reality, according to an examination of the emerging “AI organization,” is that few data-driven organizations are able to deliver on their data strategy. Read more…

Cloudera, Nvidia Team to Speed Cloud AI via Spark

Apr 13, 2021 |

Cloud access to GPUs for AI development will expand under a partnership between Cloudera and Nvidia that calls for the data cloud provider to integrate Nvidia’s accelerated Apache Spark 3.0 platform as a way to scale data science workflows. Read more…

Fiverr Adds Data Science Recruiting Category

Mar 25, 2021 |

The latest attempt to address the data science skills gaps comes from Fiverr International, a recruiter of freelance technical talent, which unveiled a new vertical segment this week dedicated to data-related skills and services. Read more…

A ‘Glut’ of Innovation Spotted in Data Science and ML Platforms

Mar 22, 2021 |

These are heady days in data science and machine learning (DSML) according to Gartner, which identified a “glut” of innovation occurring in the market for DSML platforms. From established companies chasing AutoML or model governance to startups focusing on MLops or explainable AI, a plethora of vendors are simultaneously moving in all directions with their products as they seek to differentiate themselves amid a very diverse audience. Read more…

Data Salaries Get a COVID Bump

Mar 11, 2021 |

Data science and application development skills centered on AI, machine learning and cloud deployments remain in high demand, pushing salaries higher in a pandemic year that strained enterprise infrastructure.

According to a salary report released by the career website Dice, average salaries for data and other technologists rose to $97,859 in 2020, a 3.6 percent annual increase. Read more…

Looking For An AI Ethicist? Good Luck

Mar 2, 2021 |

As more companies adopt AI, the risks posed by AI are becoming clearer to business leaders. That is driving many companies to hire AI ethicists to help guide them through an ethical minefield. Read more…

Data Labs Look to Boost ‘Data Fluency’

Mar 1, 2021 |

As the role of the data scientist expands, so too does the “data lab” product category which seeks to merge data science with the enterprise plumbing required for data-driven decision-making. Read more…

XPRIZE Seeks AI That Balances COVID-19 Containment, Economic Impact

Feb 5, 2021 |

Half a million dollars are up for grabs in the latest XPRIZE competition, which pits dozens of data science teams against one another to find prescriptive models that contain the spread of COVID-19 without strangling the economy. Read more…

How AI Accelerates the Fight Against Fake News

Feb 1, 2021 |

Microchips in coronavirus vaccines. Pedophile rings in pizza restaurants. Jewish space lasers. The Internet–bless its heart–has always suffered from its share of wacky wingnuts and conspiracy theories. But in the wake of the November 3 presidential election and the January 6 Capitol riot, social media platforms and governments are stepping up their efforts to crack down on the most problematic content, and AI plays a leading role. Read more…

2021: The Year of the Feature Store

Jan 19, 2021 |

Don’t look now, but feature stores–systems for developing, maintaining, and monitoring the data features used by machine learning algorithms for training and inference–are popping up all around us. Amazon Web Services rolled out a feature store last month, and Splice Machine unveiled its offering today, and more are expected to join the race. Read more…