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January 14, 2021

How to Use Trifacta and Snowflake to Prepare Data for Home Price & Rental Analysis

Brandon Hoang

If you are using Snowflake as your cloud analytics platform, Trifacta can help accelerate the process of data preparation and cleaning. In this demo, we will demonstrate how to use Trifacta to accelerate the process of preparing data before publishing the results to cloud data warehouse Snowflake. Specifically, we will showcase finding the price-to-rent ratio on different metropolitan areas using a combination of Excel data, Snowflake data and Census population data.

Among other data preparation tasks, you’ll see a demonstration of how to quickly:

  • Unpivot a dataset from columns into rows
  • Aggregate data in order to calculate median values
  • Extract values from a column
  • Join two datasets together with several join keys