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March 5, 2021

The Best People, Ideas, and Technology in Data Engineering, All in One Place

Matt Derda

The most interesting and opportunity-rich area of the data lifecycle occurs in the work that happens before the actual analysis. It’s where messy data is transformed into something beautiful and valuable. It’s where the magic happens.

Who makes that magic happen? Data engineers.

Data engineering is hot. A recent study from job listing site Dice shows demand for data engineers was up 50% in 2020. If you move, structure, clean, or pipeline data to drive critical enterprise decisions, you’re doing the work of data engineering.

It’s time you got your own conference.

Join hosts Trifacta and Google Cloud, along with other industry leaders, at Wrangle Summit 2021, the first conference dedicated exclusively to data engineering. Drawing on cross-disciplinary principles in software engineering, data science, and business leadership, the event, this event showcases the best and brightest in the modern data engineering community.

Join Us To:

  • Learn, share, and grow the discipline of data engineering and network with some of the world’s leading minds who are shaping its future
  • Promote data engineers as the hero in data-driven projects, the ones who preserve the credibility of analytics and protect ML/AI models
  • See the latest tools and techniques for accelerating the data-analysis process
  • Get training and certifications in new data engineering skills