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Leverage Big Data 2015

Saving Children’s Lives with Big Genomics Data


It’s estimated than one in 30 children is afflicted by one of 8,000 or so genetic diseases that we have discovered. Thanks to progress in the world of genomic testing—including faster genomic sequencers and better algorithms for making more accurate diagnoses—doctors are making progress in identifying genetic diseases and getting children the treatment they need. Read more…

Build or Buy? That’s the Big (Data) Question


“You can learn a lot from my failures, maybe,” says Ron Van Holst, an HPC director at Ontario Centres of Excellence. With decades of experience designing and building high-end telecommunications gear and HPC systems, Van Holst has a better grasp on the tradeoffs you’ll make when you choose to build or buy your next big data system. Read more…

Building an IT Foundation for Big Data Success


We are in the midst of a major transformation in the business landscape, one that’s being driven by disruptive technologies such as cloud and mobile computing, social media, and big data analytics, says Jacqueline Woods, global vice president for Growth Solutions.

There are tremendous opportunities to grow, but also increasing pressures to compete. Read more…

Leverage Big Data Cross-Industry Panel: Video Now Available



Big data means different things to different people. To some, massive data is a challenge to be overcome, while for others it’s an opportunity to seize. At Tabor Communications’ recent Leverage Big Data event, experts from different industries came together to compare their big data notes.

As a professor of astrophysics and computational science at George Mason University, Kirk Borne tracks things moving through the universe over space and time. Read more…

Watch DDN’s Molly Rector’s Leverage Big Data 2015 Keynote


When it comes to finding value in big data, there are almost as many paths as there are data sets. In her introductory keynote at last week’s Leverage Big Data event, Molly Rector, the chief marketing officer at Data Direct Networks, provided guidance on how to find your own path. Read more…

Leverage Big Data 2015 Yields Insightful Gems


Some of the brightest minds in the big data and HPC communities took the stage this week at Tabor Communications’ second annual Leverage Big Data conference, which took place at the beautiful Ponte Vedra Resort in Florida. From the impact of Hadoop to the cutting edge of FPGA research, attendees shared their big data lessons. Read more…