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March 24, 2015

Watch DDN’s Molly Rector’s Leverage Big Data 2015 Keynote

When it comes to finding value in big data, there are almost as many paths as there are data sets. In her introductory keynote at last week’s Leverage Big Data event, Molly Rector, the chief marketing officer at Data Direct Networks, provided guidance on how to find your own path.

Like many of the world’s top data scientists, Rector took a roundabout path to working with big data that included two degrees in biology and chemistry and years of work in ophthalmology research. While she may hold a marketing title now, the opening keynote she delivered last week at the Ponte Vedra Resort near Jacksonville, Florida was anything but a marketing presentation.

No matter how you measure value–whether it’s being more competitive, reduce risking, improving margins, or driving efficiencies into a manufacturing process–it all starts with the data. And once you have a bit of data, get a lot more of it.

“When you have a big enough data set and you look at what is statistically relevant, even one percent, or two percent as you see the trend, is enough to make really good decisions–better decisions than any human could,” Rector said.

For even more insights, please watch the rest of the video:

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