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March 22, 2024

Redis Acquires Speedb, Expanding Its Data Platform Capabilities Beyond DRAM

Drew Jolly

In a strategic move to cater to the escalating demands of real-time and generative AI applications, Redis has announced the acquisition of data storage engine Speedb. This acquisition will boost Redis’s capabilities in delivering low-latency user experiences and enhanced cost performance across a wide spectrum of enterprise applications where speed is paramount.

Speedb‘s advancements in SSD storage and transfer rates will enable Redis to transcend the traditional reliance on DRAM. This expansion will not only enhance the performance and scalability of applications but also make Redis a more versatile platform for developers, especially in contexts where DRAM is not a necessity.

Rowan Trollope, CEO of Redis, emphasized in a recent press release that modern applications, especially those driven by Generative AI, are transforming the way enterprises value and utilize data. The integration of Speedb will enhance Redis’s ability to stay at the forefront of this transformation, providing developers with the tools they need to build faster and more efficient applications.

Redis CEO Rowan Trollope

“Acquiring Speedb takes Redis beyond RAM, and opens the door for us to serve an integral role in powering today’s most exciting and innovative applications, and supporting the developers that build them,” he said. “This is a new chapter for Redis, and we’re looking forward to working with our customers and partners to bring the unmatched speed we’re known for to more of their applications and experiences.”

The collaboration between Redis and Speedb is not new. Speedb’s technology was already the default storage engine in Redis 7.2‘s enterprise auto-tiering functionality. The forthcoming release of Redis 8 will mark the formal introduction of Speedb-integrated products, promising to offer enhanced speed and efficiency for diverse applications, including AI-driven tasks.

Adi Gelvan, co-founder and CEO of Speedb, shared his enthusiasm for joining forces with Redis, highlighting the potential to scale their technology to support the development of groundbreaking applications globally.

“As we join the Redis team, we’re excited to scale our technology to thousands of organizations across the globe, and play a critical role in powering the emerging applications that will shape the future,” he stated.

As anticipation builds for the Redis 8 release featuring Speedb integration, the team is actively working on Redis Community Edition 7.4. This release is set to deliver on popular demand by adding features like hash field expiration and client consolidation, ensuring users have plenty to look forward to.

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