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Redis Labs Boosts Data Visualization, Cluster Recovery

Nov 15, 2019 |

Building and running Redis databases is about to get easier thanks to a pair of enhancements coming out of Redis Labs this week, including the new RedisInsight client interface that lets users visualize Redis data, as well as automated cluster recovery capabilities when running the database on Kubernetes. Read more…

Baidu In-Memory Databases Add Intel Optane

Aug 29, 2019 |

Chinese e-commerce giant Baidu is building a new platform based on Intel Corp.’s Optane DC persistent memory as a means of upgrading search engine results delivered by its in-memory databases used to feed its streaming data services. Read more…

Redis Speeds Towards a Multi-Model Future

Sep 28, 2018 |

Redis is best known as a key-value store – a very fast, in-memory key-value store. But the folks developing the technology at Redis Labs have big plans to grow the NoSQL database’s repertoire, and along with it the capability to solve more of its customers’ Read more…

MySQL Tops Database Rankings

Jun 28, 2017 |

MySQL remains the world’s most popular open source database while MySQL skills are by far the most in-demand among recruiters, according to the latest rankings of popular databases.

The Stackshare Database Index ranked the top ten databases by the number of technology stacks containing each data platform. Read more…

Why Redis Needs Enterprise Developers

Oct 6, 2015 |

It sounds strange now, but it was at least a couple of years from the moment I released the first open source version of Redis, to the moment I started to hear “enterprise” in the context of Redis. Read more…

How Apache Spark Is Helping IT Asset Management

Jun 24, 2015 |

There’s been a lot of energy focused on how big data technology can improve the sales, marketing, service, and support departments of corporations. Tools like Hadoop, Spark, and NoSQL databases are changing the rules for how work gets done, and it’s very exciting. Read more…

Basho Goes Vertical with Big Data Stack

May 27, 2015 |

Basho Technologies made a name for itself in the NoSQL database world by developing a scalable key-value store called Riak that’s used by the likes of Time Warner, The Weather Company, and Comcast. Read more…

Nine Databases in 45 Minutes

Dec 4, 2012 |Miles Pomeroy, Chad Maughan, and Jonathan Geddes run through each database in five minutes each, thus the title, "9 Databases in 45 minutes." The video proceeds in efficient and occasionally amusing fashion, where a countdown clock and a gong keep the presentations terse. Read more…