July 22, 2022

D.A.T.A. Group Calls for Donations for Medical Kits in Ukraine

Three days after Russia’s initial invasion of Ukraine in February, Dmytro Lugovyi’s family was trapped in their home in a village north of Kyiv. After receiving a terrifying call from his mother describing a cadre of Russian tanks right outside her window, Lugovyi lost touch with his family for an entire week.

Lugovyi is a data governance consultant for enterprise data management company Collibra and resides in the U.K. Fortunately, his immediate family was able to escape to Poland, but only after a harrowing wartime experience where they constantly feared for their lives and lost everything they knew and loved, as described by Lugovyi in a video.

Lugovyi is a founding committee member of Data and Tech Aid, or D.A.T.A., a newly formed fundraising organization that has pledged to raise $1 million for medical kits to be distributed in Ukraine. D.A.T.A. was formed in April 2022 and is led by Collibra Senior VP Rob Howes, along with Lucy Allen, CEO at Challenge Marketing. The organization is calling for personal and corporate donations for this urgent matter.

Howes explains: “We’ve all been moved by the crisis in Ukraine and wondering how to help. The energy and support we’ve had from the global data and tech community towards this effort has been overwhelming. We’re very proud today to publicly launch D.A.TA and show what can be achieved when we come together as a community with a common purpose.”
Aside from the immediate risk of death from dropped bombs, the largest threat to life in Ukraine is blood loss. The Ministry of Health in Ukraine confirmed the need for 300,000 blood loss medical kits, and D.A.T.A. is raising $1 million to buy 10,000 medical kits to support this effort. According to a press release, the effort has also attracted industry ambassadors including Peter Grindrod, CBE from the University of Oxford; Peter Jackson, CDO at Carruthers and Jackson; Barry Panayi, CDO at John Lewis; and John Bottega, President of the EDM Council, among others.

Source: D.A.T.A.

Each kit costs $100 and contains life-saving medical equipment to treat blood loss and other acute injuries, including tourniquets, emergency bandages, blood-clotting agents, and a nasal trumpet to secure airways and keep patients breathing. For this effort, D.A.T.A. is collaborating with the Kyiv School of Economics Charitable Foundation (KSE), a non-profit, humanitarian aid group that works directly with the Government of Ukraine and multiple volunteer organizations to provide medicine and food.
Tymofiy Mylovanov, President of KSE and former Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine, said: “KSE Foundation is focused on providing humanitarian aid to everyone who is suffering from Russian aggression. Saving the lives of Ukrainian civilians in times of war is our main goal. We have provided more than 60,000 first-aid kits for rescue teams. One kit saves 1 life and costs $100. Now we have set an ambitious new goal in cooperation with D.A.T.A. to fund 10,000 medical kits worth $1 million. I ask everyone who empathizes with Ukraine to support us. Saving the lives of our citizens is the best investment in the bright future of our country.”

To find out more about D.A.T.A. and how to donate, visit this link.

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