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February 8, 2021

Ready to adopt a Microsecond Mindset?

The primary data challenge – and opportunity – that many organizations face is no longer that of volume but of speed.  As more and more data in a greater variety of forms is generated, its value diminishes over time.  Businesses that can utilize data at its optimal value to drive business critical decisions can stay ahead of the competition.

This realization has led many organizations to focus on reducing the time it takes to capture, analyze and act on the data with their businesses using streaming analytics.  In fact, shortening this ‘window of opportunity’ is becoming a key metric for competitive differentiation for companies in all industries.

At KX, we know that shortening the time it takes to ingest, store, process, and analyze historic and real-time data is a game changer for businesses in all sectors. Our customers in finance, manufacturing, automotive, telecommunications and utilities tell us that when processes and systems are continuously fed by real-time data that is enriched by the context of historic data, they can automate critical business decisions resulting in significant operational and commercial benefits.

A paradigm shift

This is called continuous business intelligence (fig 1) and we believe it marks a paradigm shift for organisations looking to gain competitive advantage by making smarter, faster business decisions.


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Using the KX Streaming Analytics platform, real-time data is ingested, stored and analysed instantly while historic data provides valuable context enabling organizations to be powered by continuously enriched actionable insights.

Built on kdb+, the world’s fastest time series database, the KX platform enables critical real-time performance with the extreme scalability needed to deliver continuous business intelligence no matter what the size, type, location and speed of the data. And unlike other solutions, our uniquely integrated approach avoids the problems associated with patching together multiple data ingestion and analytics products.

From minutes to microseconds

While not every firm needs to be operating at the sub-second level, all data is created in real-time. Every organisation should challenge itself to see if it can reduce the time it takes to identify and act on key insights derived from the data it collects – both in real-time and historic.

To help firms on this journey, experts at KX have written the “Microsecond Mindset” playbook; a free five-step guide to help businesses understand how to build a culture and operating model for continuous intelligence in their organisation. The playbooks covers the processes, skills and tools that firms should consider when looking at moving to a Microsecond Mindset and how to build a compelling business case for adopting these transformative technologies.

Click here to download the Microsecond Mindset playbook. For more information on the KX Streaming Analytics platform please visit: