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September 21, 2020

3 Ways a Modular Data Warehouse Provides Scalable Analytics without the Big Price Tag

What happens to your planned analytics strategy when the world enters an economic downturn and the future is uncertain? Scaling back investments to maintain financial solvency can be a smart decision. However, abandoning analytics projects until the future becomes clearer might be a costly mistake.

This is where a modular data warehouse can fill the intervening gap.

What is a Modular Data Warehouse?

A modular data warehouse is a way for organizations to rapidly deploy a scalable analytics solution on a tight budget. This “small- scale” data warehouse can be built with modern cloud-based data platforms like Snowflake, Azure Synapse, or Redshift or even with traditional on-prem solutions. The modular data warehouse enables reporting and analytics for a specific use case while putting the foundation in place to gradually add on as needs are determined and budget becomes available.

For example, Aptitive recently completed a modular data warehouse solution for a consumer services company in the automotive industry. Reporting was their most pressing need, so we kept it simple and avoided any additional bells and whistles by delivering a foundational data mart with a sales dashboard. It was a laser-focused project at a reduced price point that addressed a specific use case. With the groundwork in place, our client will be able to scale up quickly as additional needs are determined or budget becomes available.

The Trick to Extracting Business Value Fast

There’s no room for delay during any economic uncertainty, so any new analytics solution you’re considering should maximize the time and deliver immediate results. Here’s what you should expect from any compact solution that you put into service when times are lean.

Accelerating Your Insight

Eventual revelations are not enough. The internal team relying on accurate reporting needs access to data quickly, and needs to be able to uncover actionable insights even faster. With little time to spare, an experienced partner can efficiently determine your needs, create a foundation, and deliver a practical reporting solution within four to six weeks.

Promoting Scalability and Extensibility

No practical analytics solution is merely disposable after the initial proof of concept. It should be something you can grow and evolve organically with the right foundation. This means exploring your current state, achievable intermediary state, and desired future state before you move onward. That way, you can create a modular solution that can act as a springboard for a more comprehensive data-driven solution in the future.

Maintaining Cost-Effectiveness

More than just affordable, you want an analytics solution that maximizes your investment dollars. That requires an implementation team that comprehends analytics best practices to deploy a quality data warehouse or reporting solution at a rapid pace. Moreover, their experience within your industry or particular business area will deliver functionality that accounts for your primary KPIs and aligns with your desired outcomes.

Learn more about our Modular Analytics Solution or contact us directly to get started on the path to the insights you need.

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