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December 4, 2018

Hitachi Ups Game for Managing Unstructured Data

Most enterprise data go unused, and according to some studies very little unstructured data in the form of text, audio and video makes its way into the hands of data analysts.

Hence, data integrators see an opportunity to combine their tools with object storage and hybrid cloud deployments to expand the data analytics ecosystem currently drowning in unstructured data generated by social media and other sources.

That’s the impetus behind the latest version of Hitachi’s year-old Vantara data integration unit, who’s Pentaho 8.2 release combines analytics software with its object storage platform to help data analysts get a handle on unstructured data. Hitachi Vantara based on Santa Clara, Calif., said the release also helps manage hybrid cloud deployments.

The Hitachi (TSE: 6501) unit said integration of Pentaho with its object storage platform would help analysts build data pipelines that combine structured and unstructured data sources that also include clickstreams and log files. The company said Tuesday (Dec. 4) it is targeting financial, health care, public safety and retail applications.

Along with hybrid cloud data management capabilities, the latest release expands support for third-party tools used to upgrade data pipelines. Among them are AMQP messaging protocol used to read and publish streaming data from edge devices to the cloud. The Hitachi unit said the added support would address emerging Internet of Things use cases.

Also supported is Python, which is intended to allow users to launch machine and deep learning models built with Python while using APIs to tap libraries like TensorFlow. The package also includes an open source version of OpenJDK, the Java development kit.

In addition, the data integration platform supports internally managed encryption keys running on the Google Cloud Platform while enabling data access from Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) cloud storage and its BigQuery data warehouse.

Meanwhile, other hybrid cloud tools supported by Pentaho address data management and governance rules. When used with Hitachi’s content platform, functioning as a data lake, the data management tool could be used to prep data. Pentaho could then be used to determine which cloud should be used to store organized data. That approach, the company said, reduces unnecessary data movement to the cloud and, with it, computing and storage costs.

Hitachi Vantara emerged from Hitachi Data Systems in late 2017, which acquired big data analytics vendor Pentaho in 2015.

The Hitachi unit said its Pentaho 8.2 data management software would be generally available on Dec. 6.

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