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October 12, 2017

AWS, Microsoft Partner on Gluon AI Tool

(TZIDO SUN/Shutterstock)

Cloud services rivals Amazon Web Services and Microsoft are collaborating on a deep learning library designed to accelerate development of models used to construct neural networks.

The open source project dubbed “Gluon” would deliver an API that leverages a collection of neural network components to define machine-learning models. The partners said Thursday (Oct. 12) the Gluon interface will look more like “traditional code” since models can be tweaked like other data sets.

While the interface primarily targets developers new to machine learning, the partners added that Gluon would also allow data veterans to leverage dynamic neural network graphs to build and train new models without sacrificing speed, Matt Wood, AWS general manager for AI, noted in a blog post. The interface can be used to develop models running on the cloud, edge devices and mobile apps.

Further, they said Gluon code could be used to build deep learning components such as convolutional networks for applications ranging from object detection and speech recognition.

AI development, “especially deep learning models, isn’t easy,” added Microsoft’s Eric Boyd.

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