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June 9, 2014

HP Unveils Line of Big Data Tools, Services

Hewlett-Packard has rolled out a batch of big data analytics and services aimed at business intelligence applications and designed to lower IT costs.

“Organizations are looking for solutions that let them aggregate data from multiple sources—such as social media and machine-generated data— to draw meaningful insights to increase the speed of service delivery and improve end-user satisfaction while reducing potential business disruptions and service outages,” Roy Ritthaler, an HP vice president for IT operations management, noted in a statement announcing the bundle of big data services.

Among them is HP’s big data service management tool called HP Service Anywhere that is being offered as part of its software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform. The service includes two other new offerings called HP Autonomy IDOL, or intelligent data operating layer, and HP Vertica. The two services are intended to provide big data analytics while delivering “in-context” data, the company added in a statement.

IDOL is said to allow extraction of business intelligence from unstructured data like video, social media, email, and Web content, along with structured data, like customer transaction logs.

HP contends that legacy data warehouses and data analytics systems analyze business data from enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and supply chain management systems. This data only answers the question, “What happened?” the company argues, claiming that IDOL discovers relationships between data to answer the tougher question, “Why did this happen?”

Another offering, HP Operations Analytics 2.1 uses “expert sourcing” analytics across structured and unstructured data to track down the root cause of an IT issue. HP claims detection time using the new version can be reduced from days to hours. IT operators can also use the tool to reduce mean time between failures by “learning” anomalous behavior and spotting operational issues before service outage occur.

A new business service management tool called HP Operations Log Intelligence 1.0 aims to uncover heretofore hidden business intelligence buried in log files to help improve IT service levels while reducing operational costs.

A new “self-service” SaaS tool called AppPulse mobile is said to enable application owners, product managers and developers to gauge key user experience metrics while improving the delivery of popular apps.

Finally, an IT services tool called HP Propel is said to enable IT organizations to either deliver or broker traditional, cloud or hybrid IT services while addressing integration issues.

The company said HP Service Anywhere, HP Operations Log Intelligence 1.0 and HP AppPulse are available worldwide now.

HP Operations Analytics 2.1 is expected to be available worldwide sometime in June. HP Propel free and premium service offerings are available now. An on-premises version is expected to be available worldwide in July. Public beta testing of AppPulse Mobile begins on June 9, HP said.

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