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January 18, 2012

Fujitsu Lets Big Data Cloud Flag Fly

Datanami Staff

This week Fujitsu announced that it would be rolling out its cloud-based Data Utilization Platform Services, an offering that is a mesh of a number of their products with a focus on handling large data sets.

This marks the release of a central component of the company’s Convergence Services Platform, which represents Fujitsu’s cloud and big data strategies in tandem. At the time of the announcement of the Convergence news, Fujitsu said they were working on a PaaS platform to collect diverse data, integrate it and process it in real-time.

According to Fujitsu, the Data Utilization Platform Services will offering just-about-everything-data-related-as-a-service (JAEDRaaS). From gathering, compiling, and integrating massive amounts of data from sensors, data streams and other sources of diverse information—to the processing of the data with an emphasis on real time or batch, depending on the workload.

And here is something rather funny about this news, by the way. Just two days before the actual release of Fujitsu’s news we published an article here discussing the Evolving Art (and Business) of Data Curation. While it wasn’t the focus of the article, the point was made that for some strange reason no vendors have tapped into the value of calling what they do “data curation” despite the fact that it might be in their best interest to do so.

Whether sheer coincidence or not, Fujitsu is calling attention to its own “data curation” services, making them the first major vendor to hop on board with the name trend that could be the next big buzzword in big data speak.

Fujitsu has created a companion to the DUPS (I see why they never gave Data Utilization Platform Service its own acronym now) in the form of their new Data Curation Services offering. The company says that this will “provide total support for these new ways of leveraging data, including customer data analysis and its application to business operations.”

Both DUPS and their data curation services fall under the overarching umbrella of Fujitsu Convergence Services, which is the larger term that encompasses “collecting, storing and analyzing massive amounts of data and integrating it with knowledge in a feedback loop to society.” Both the Data Utilization Platform and Data Curation Services are central to the Convergence strategy—and all three tie together Fujitsu’s approach to big data.

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