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Systemic Data Errors Still Plague Presidential Polling

Oct 7, 2020 |

Four years ago, national polling firms almost universally failed to detect the true level of support for Donald Trump in his quest for the White House. This year, the same underlying conditions that made Trump’s electoral college victory such a surprise are still in play, according to data experts. Read more…

SAS Provides Big Data Solutions for… Bees?

Jun 10, 2020 |

In recent years, it has become increasingly clear that bees are facing an existential threat, with colonies collapsing across the globe – in the U.S., up to 40% in 2018-2019 alone. Read more…

Data Science and ML Platform Market Heats Up

Mar 3, 2020 |

If you’re in the market for data science and machine learning tools, we have great news: The market is absolutely booming in 2020. With a ton of healthy competition, vendors are investing heavily to differentiate their products and drive innovation. Read more…

Datanami People to Watch 2020

Feb 24, 2020 |We present the Datanami People to Watch for 2020. Read more…

ML and BI Are Coming Together, Gartner Says

Feb 13, 2020 |

The convergence of machine learning and business intelligence is upon us, as BI tool makers increasingly are exposing ML capabilities to users, and users are performing ML activities in their BI tools. Read more…

News In Brief

Testing Data Literacy on Main Street

Sep 29, 2020 |

How good are you at discerning fact from fiction in the news and on social media? Can you spot cherry-picked data sets, poorly selected samples, or infographics that misrepresent data? Read more…

Left for Dead, R Surges Again

Jul 10, 2020 |

Don’t look now, but R, which some had written off as a language in terminal decline in lieu of Python’s immense and growing popularity, appears to be staging a furious comeback the likes of which IT has rarely seen. Read more…

Blurred Lines: SAS and Microsoft To Go Deep in Analytics Partnership

Jun 15, 2020 |

The lines separating SAS and Microsoft analytics and AI software will blur as part of a major strategic expansion between the two companies announced today that will see Azure become the preferred cloud for SAS and technical integration across their respective product lines in the years ahead. Read more…

Tech Conferences Are Being Canceled Due to Coronavirus

Mar 2, 2020 |

Several conferences scheduled to take place in the coming weeks, including Nvidia’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) and the Strata Data + AI conference, have been canceled due to fears of the COVID-19 coronavirus. Read more…

‘Dark Data’ Continues to Stymie Analytics Efforts

Aug 29, 2018 |

Not only is there way too much data flying around organizations, but those charged with keeping track of it often don’t know where critical data is located. What’s more, new European data privacy rules are making that task harder. Read more…

This Just In

SAS accelerates development of analytics and data science talent with new academic program

Sep 22, 2020 |

NC State Athletics Using SAS Analytics to Run Ticketing and Attendance Scenarios

Aug 14, 2020 |

CARY, N.C., Aug. 14, 2020 — Sports and entertainment entities wrestling with how to create a live fan experience and follow coronavirus safety guidelines are turning to analytics and optimization software from SAS.

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Weka and Destiny Unveil Solution to Accelerate SaS Analytics Workloads

Aug 11, 2020 |

CAMPBELL, Calif., Aug. 11, 2020 – WekaIO (Weka) together with Destiny Corporation, a business and technology consultancy specializing in SAS (an integrated software suite for advanced and predictive analytics, business intelligence, and data management) analytics and a SAS Institute gold partner, have published a reference design that is capable of delivering 5X runtime and wall clock time improvements for SAS analytics long-running jobs, while also providing among the best storage economics.

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Next Release of SAS Viya Introduces a New Category of Analytics for the Cloud

Jun 17, 2020 |

CARY, N.C., June 17, 2020 — SAS Viya 4, available in late 2020, is engineered to take advantage of the latest cloud technologies.

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SAS and Microsoft Partner to Further Shape the Future of Analytics and AI

Jun 15, 2020 |

CARY, N.C. and REDMOND, Wash., June 15, 2020 — Microsoft Corp. and SAS today announced an extensive technology and go-to-market strategic partnership. The two companies will enable to easily run their SAS workloads in the cloud, expanding their business solutions and unlocking critical value from their digital transformation initiatives.

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