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Fivetran Raises $565 Million, Buys CDC Vendor HVR

Fivetran took a big step into the world of enterprise data integration today when it announced an Andreessen Horowitz-led $565 million round of financing and plans to acquire change data capture (CDC) vendor HVR for $700 Read more…

Q&A: Appro gets ready for 16-core AMD “Interlagos” processors

In the volatile high performance computing (HPC) market, vendor longevity is quite rare. However, Appro has not only endured, but continues to introduce innovative solutions. One of the company’s strengths is that while some vendors flashed into and out of existence by offering rigid solutions exclusively for the highest end of the market, Appro has tried to appeal to the medium to large-scale HPC market with a variety of workload configuration requirements. Read more…

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Hands-Off: Manual Data Integration Tasks Plummeting, Gartner Says

While the need to integrate data has never been greater, the addition of machine learning and other forms of automation is driving a large reduction in the amount of manual data management tasks that human workers are re Read more…

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