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Riding the Waves of Big Data

Big Data is typically defined by three core characteristics, commonly referred to as the three Vs: volume, variety and velocity. Today, we are not just creating greater volumes of data, we are also expanding the variety Read more…

How Streaming Analytics Helps Telcos Overcome the Data Deluge

Real-time streaming analytics is all the rage these days, as organizations seek to wring value from their data as quickly as possible. While the technology is bleeding edge for many, it's commonplace in the telecommunica Read more…

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Guavus Unwraps New AI-Based Analytics and Automation Products for CSPs

Jul 16, 2020 |

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 16, 2020 — Guavus, provider of AI-based analytics for communications service providers (CSPs), announced the launch of Guavus-IQ — a comprehensive product portfolio that provides a unique multi-perspective analytics experience for CSPs. Read more…