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January 11, 2024

SQream’s Panoply Drives Retail Transformation with Milestones in Data Insights and Business Forecasting

NEW YORK, Jan. 11, 2024 — SQream announced today the remarkable achievement that its low-code ELT and analytics product Panoply has seen a 600% year over year increase in retail customers.

The retail industry increasingly leverages Panoply, whose customers also include leaders in healthcare, media, financial services and other sectors. This strategic growth positions Panoply as the all-in-one data platform of choice for online retail players, including Bruder Healthcare Company and Gracie Barra, who were among the new additions to Panoply’s customer-base.

This vote of confidence in Panoply by SQream highlights its commitment to excellence in the data connectors, ELT space, and data warehousing, and underscores its dedication to enabling users to seamlessly gain critical business insights from retail-oriented data sources like NetSuite, Square, Paypal, and Shopify. This milestone also marks steady growth for Panoply and showcases how they are quickly becoming the analytics platform of choice among retail sites to ensure customer loyalty, dramatically improve business forecasting, and increase profits by providing a single source of truth for all their data.

Panoply’s no-code, user-friendly platform allows for higher visibility into its performance by consolidating data from various sources to deliver deeper and more actionable insights. With Panoply, organizations can instantaneously store raw data in analysis-ready tables, utilize core business logic to keep metrics consistent, and analyze and visualize their data within its in-platform charts and graphs.

“We are very excited to round out 2023 with this milestone in Panoply’s upward trajectory,” said Ittai Bareket, Panoply’s Chief Alliance Officer and General Manager. “This goes to show that Panoply’s unique value proposition is driving a diverse group of businesses including online retail and ecommerce companies to seek tangible, data-driven insights to make informed business decisions. Panoply’s solution is a critical link for many ecommerce and other companies, and we are well positioned for continued growth going into 2024.”

Sharon Burkart, Senior Director of Marketing Communications at Bruder Healthcare Company, expressed enthusiasm about their recent implementation of Panoply. She emphasized that “Panoply has taken us to a long-desired level, enabling the integration of crucial insights into corporate strategy and workflows.” Burkart highlighted their excitement to deliver data-driven services and updates to patients, aiming to enhance the overall customer experience and eliminate barriers to accessing the quality care that Bruder is known for.

If you want to learn more about how Panoply can help you gain insights with a single source of truth for your data, schedule a personalized demo. Panoply will be exhibiting at this year’s National Retail Federation event, you can visit them at booth #370.

About Panoply by SQream

Panoply’s data connectors and ELT, plus managed data warehouse and dashboards make it easy for users to sync, store, and leverage their data without complex code. Panoply is a product line of SQream, a data analytics company that helps organizations break through barriers to ask the most important questions from their data. SQream’s GPU-based technology empowers businesses to overcome dataset limits and query complexity to analyze exponentially more data, and get substantially faster insights at dramatic cost-savings. By leveraging SQream’s advanced analytics capabilities for AI/ML, enterprises can stay ahead of their competitors while reducing hardware usage. If you want to take your data initiatives to the next level, Ask Bigger and unlock new opportunities with SQream.

Source: SQream