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August 10, 2023

Snorkel AI Deepens Partnership with Google Cloud to Help Enterprises Unlock the Potential of LLMs

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 10, 2023 — Snorkel AI, the data-centric AI platform company, today announced it has expanded its partnership with Google Cloud to help enterprises cross the chasm between AI potential and real-world impact. Today Snorkel is announcing the availability of its data platform for foundation models on Google Cloud Marketplace and extending its collaboration to include Vertex Generative AI Studio.

The partnership between Snorkel AI and Google Cloud is aimed at helping enterprises accelerate the development of private generative and predictive AI applications grounded in the factuality of their own data. With Snorkel Flow, Google Cloud customers can develop, fine-tune, and adapt ML models of all sizes—including multi-billion parameter PaLM foundation models such as FLAN-T5-XXL—using their own proprietary data and subject matter expertise.

Google Cloud customers can now purchase Snorkel Flow directly from Google Cloud Marketplace. Companies adopting new technologies such as large language models can get started faster and more efficiently with flexible billing options and the ability to retire Google Cloud committed spend with every dollar spent on Snorkel Flow.

“Snorkel AI and Google Cloud are empowering organizations to push the boundaries of what’s possible with AI,” said Alex Ratner, CEO and co-founder of Snorkel AI. “We are incredibly excited to build on years of academic partnership and collaboration with Google, and capitalize on valuable programs like Springboard and Marketplace, to deliver significant value for Google Cloud customers. Together, we can help enterprises harness the power of programmatic labeling, foundation models, and generative AI to solve their most impactful problems and ultimately realize the potential of AI at scale.”

Snorkel AI is actively exploring new ways to utilize and adapt Google Cloud’s large language and foundation models with programmatic labeling, fine-tuning, and distillation, all using data-centric AI workflows optimized on Google Cloud infrastructure.

Snorkel AI is a Built with Google Cloud AI partner and was one of the first AI companies invited to join Google Cloud’s Springboard program for startups. With Springboard mentorship and engineering support, Snorkel AI doubled down on product development and research initiatives that equip Google Cloud customers to scale automation to the “iceberg under the surface” of valuable but unstructured enterprise data. In short order Snorkel AI announced integrations with Google Cloud data and AI services across the MLOps workflow, enabling AI developers to seamlessly access and programmatically label data in Google Cloud and then rapidly train, serve, and adapt machine learning models at enterprise scale.

“We’re excited that Snorkel will expand its use and application of Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities, and help organizations of all sizes accelerate their gen AI development,” said Manvinder Singh, Managing Director, Partnerships at Google Cloud.

Snorkel AI co-founder Paroma Varma will be speaking at Google Next in San Francisco on Tuesday, August 29th in a panel titled, Large language model training: tackling data challenges (AIML 119). To learn more about Snorkel AI’s partnership with Google Cloud visit

About Snorkel AI

Founded by a team spun out of the Stanford AI Lab, Snorkel AI makes AI application development fast and practical by unlocking the power of machine learning without the bottleneck of manually-labeled training data. Snorkel Flow is the first data-centric AI platform powered by programmatic labeling. Backed by Addition, Greylock, GV, In-Q-Tel, Lightspeed Venture Partners and funds and accounts managed by BlackRock, the company is based in Palo Alto.

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