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October 25, 2023

NobleAI and Azure Quantum Elements Announce Collaboration to Fast-Track Chemical and Material Discoveries

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 25, 2023 — NobleAI, a pioneer in Science-Based AI solutions for Chemical and Material Informatics, today announced a first-of-its-kind collaboration with Azure Quantum Elements (AQE) – a cloud-based service from Microsoft that accelerates scientific discovery by integrating the latest breakthroughs in High-Performance Computing (HPC), AI, and quantum computing.

This alliance brings together AQE’s state-of-the-art molecular simulation and HPC capabilities with NobleAI’s AI-driven solutions for rapidly exploring potential chemical and material formulations.

“Our focus on using Science-Based AI to supercharge the development of new chemicals, formulations, and materials for product development naturally aligns very well with the massive scale and simulation capabilities of Azure Quantum Elements,” said Ethan Mirsky, Chief Product and Strategy Officer of NobleAI. “Together, our aim is to set the gold standard for scientific innovation, presenting R&D teams with unmatched benefits when it comes to expanding their field of discovery and accelerating time to impact.”

Azure Quantum Elements empowers R&D teams in chemistry and materials science to boost their productivity with simulation workflows optimized for scaling on HPC clusters, AI-accelerated computing, augmented reasoning using AI, and integration with quantum capabilities. NobleAI’s unique approach to Science-Based AI, combined with the powerful NobleAI Reactor platform, enables companies to accelerate the development of better performing, more environmentally sustainable and reliably sourced chemical and material products. The benefits of this collaboration span four key areas:

  • Faster time-to-discovery: NobleAI’s Science-Based AI combined with the computational power of Azure Quantum Elements helps expedite product development life cycles exponentially. Users can winnow a pool of materials candidates and select promising ones to be tested in experimental settings much faster than with traditional simulation technology that requires significant CPU time.
  • Multi-scale modeling: By combining NobleAI’s ability to model formulations and systems with Azure Quantum Elements’ high performance molecular modeling, R&D teams can now quickly model all important aspects of their product, from molecules to devices to systems.
  • Massive scale: Through Azure Quantum Elements, R&D teams have access to state-of-the-art HPC, AI capabilities, and workflow automation on a cloud purpose-built for chemical and materials simulation at massive scale.
  • Groundbreaking innovation: Freedom from the time limitations and computational boundaries of traditional R&D approaches means that scientists can explore more chemicals and materials possibilities than ever before, leading to more groundbreaking advancements.

“Azure Quantum Elements aims to compress 250 years of chemistry into the next 25,” said Dr. Nathan Baker, Product Manager of Azure Quantum Elements. “Today’s scientists are searching for new molecules and formulations to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges, but the number of potential possibilities makes their work mind-bogglingly complex. Our collaboration with NobleAI marks an exciting next step in the Azure Quantum Elements journey as we empower chemical and materials scientists with tools that can help them rapidly scale and speed up their research efforts.”

About NobleAI

NobleAI offers commercially-proven Science-Based AI solutions for Chemical and Material Informatics powered by its unique, Science-Based AI (SBAI) technology. The company’s science-based ML models are developed securely and specifically for each customer. Delivered via the cloud-based Reactor Platform, NobleAI’s SBAI technology delivers actionable insights to accelerate product development and reduce costs while improving product performance, sustainability, and reliability. NobleAI is supported by investments from world-class organizations such as Microsoft, Chevron and Solvay, and the company’s solutions are already delivering real value in production deployments at leading chemical, material and energy companies around the globe.

Source: NobleAI