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April 15, 2024

Neon Unveils Its Serverless Postgres Platform to the Global Market

SAN FRANCISCO, April 15, 2024 – is proud to announce the transition of its innovative platform from technical preview to general availability today. This launch highlights the significant advancements in Neon’s core technology and the rapid adoption of its platform, evidenced by the growth from 6,000 to over 700,000 databases within a year.

Neon has developed a Postgres platform that redefines the developer experience for modern applications. The platform’s serverless capabilities enable developer teams to work more efficiently by sharing the same schema and data through branching, while the scale-to-zero feature ensures cost-effectiveness by allowing individual developers to run separate databases without incurring high costs.

“We set out to build the best Postgres developer experience in 2022,” said Neon CEO Nikita Shamgunov. “Transitioning out of the technical preview phase signifies a pivotal moment for us. We want Neon to become the default choice for a new generation of developers who want more from their database. We believe that database branching will allow developers to fundamentally rethink the way they develop, but only if it’s fast. Neon Postgres branches take a second to create and still leave the developer able to work with full copy of production data.”

The platform’s robust growth is further supported by Neon’s expanded partnership program, established in February, which strives to make Postgres accessible to a global network of developers. Key partnerships include companies like Vercel, Retool, and Replit, significantly broadening the platform’s reach. Retool, in particular, showcases the efficiency of Neon’s API, managing over 300,000 databases with minimal resource allocation.

Commenting on the milestone, Bryan Clark, VP of Product Management at Neon said: “Neon’s journey has been driven by a commitment to solving real-world problems faced by developers and businesses, and today, we’re proud to offer a solution that addresses the key challenge of modern application development, developer velocity. Serverless Postgres and instant database branching bring databases up to date with the demands of modern devops and CI/CD environments.”

Neon is now a trusted solution for thousands of companies worldwide, leveraging features like database branching, scale to zero, and autoscaling to enhance operational efficiency. Looking ahead, Neon is excited about the upcoming introduction of new features and improvements, poised to further solidify its leadership in serverless database technology and developer workflow solutions.

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