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August 1, 2023

KX Unveils Early Access Program for KDB.AI Multi-Model Vector Database

NEW YORK and LONDON, Aug. 1, 2023 — KX, a global pioneer in vector native real time and high-volume time series data analytics, today unveiled the Early Access Program for KDB.AI, a multi-model vector database. Open to new and existing customers and global system integration partners, the program grants privileged access to ground-breaking technology and support, offering the unique opportunity to be part of the evolution of transformative generative AI applications and use cases.

With generative AI forecast to add up to $4.4 trillion annually to the global economy, demand for resilient vector databases to support high-performance generative AI and semantic search applications is snowballing. Current vector databases and AI applications, however, exhibit severe limitations – lack of statefulness, insufficient processing of high-volume numerical calculations, an inability to adapt in real-time, and problems replicating sophisticated risk models. These issues obstruct AI’s potential for temporal reasoning and inference, limiting its effectiveness.

Leveraging the robust and proven KDB+ engine, independently recognized as the fastest time series vector native database, KDB.AI is revolutionizing AI technology. Providing the best price to performance and efficiency, KDB.AI overcomes traditional vector database challenges. This includes issues such as statelessness, lack of contextual understanding, ultra-high-dimensionality problems, an absence of causal reasoning, and hurdles around explainability, fairness, and sustainability. Moreover, KDB.AI fills a significant gap in the real-time processing and streaming of vectors, a limitation profoundly felt in the AI field today.

Seamlessly handling both structured and unstructured data, KDB.AI empowers real-time processing, enabling sliding window search for time-series-based vector search. Its stateful approach caters to various applications, providing native support for large language models (LLMs) and machine learning workflows.

Available for deployment on all hyperscaler cloud platforms including Azure, AWS, GCP, and also for on-premise use, KDB.AI offers universal compatibility with any infrastructure setup. Its integration with the PyKX open-source language further enhances its compatibility with various software products and leading language models such as GPT-4, BARD, LLAMA, and more.

KDB.AI has the potential to transform various industries with its unique capabilities:

  • Financial Services: It enables real-time processing of vast time-series and alternate datasets, providing actionable insights for advanced market analytics and sentiment analysis.
  • Manufacturing: KDB.AI can improve operational efficiency by enhancing quality control, predictive maintenance, and supply chain processes.
  • Life Sciences: KDB.AI speeds up drug discovery and enables personalized medicine by providing quick and actionable insights from complex biological data.
  • Aerospace and Defense: With KDB.AI, organizations can enhance real-time situational awareness, aircraft predictive maintenance, and cybersecurity through efficient data management.

Ashok Reddy, CEO of KX, commented: “This is a significant stride in KX’s history, offering a unique opportunity for our customers and partners to join us on a path where we redefine the future of AI. This launch is more than a product roll-out; it’s a shared exploration into new frontiers of technological innovation.”

The Early Access Program introduces participants to an array of exceptional benefits:

  • Exclusive Access to Latest Features and Updates: Participants get a first-hand experience of new features and updates, with the opportunity to provide feedback that contributes to shaping the future of KDB.AI.
  • Unlimited Usage: Throughout the early access period, participants enjoy unrestricted usage of KDB.AI, enabling a comprehensive exploration of its capabilities.
  • Dedicated Support: Early access offers exclusive support from KX, providing assistance with any encountered challenges, and a channel for valuable feedback and suggestions.
  • Developer Sandbox: A Developer Sandbox is also launching this week, based on Jupyter notebook technology, fostering a wider exploration of KDB.AI’s potential.

This Early Access Program offers two-year, non-renewable licenses either by department or on an enterprise-wide basis, both with unlimited usage. For more information visit: www.KDB.AI.

Source: KX