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January 18, 2024

Incorta Announces Incorta X, Combining AI and Machine Learning for Improved Business Intelligence

FOSTER CITY, Calif., Jan. 18, 2024 — Incorta, the data hub for finance and operational teams, has announced Incorta X, a catalyst innovation that integrates advanced AI and Machine Learning functionalities with organizational data, helping companies reduce time to insight and greatly reduce cost.

Incorta X enables finance and operational teams to access their critical data faster than any other solution, creating a huge competitive advantage for their companies. Dealing with organizational data from multiple sources requires many very skilled data engineers, but Incorta X simplifies this process reducing time and cost for the finance and operational teams to access critical data fast.

With Incorta X, business users can now perform complex data engineering tasks, removing administrative burdens and enabling them to become strategic employees that deliver valuable insights. Features include:

  • AI assistant: Automate the creation of new dashboards and visualizations without IT.
  • Machine Learning Notebooks: Gather and curate data from multiple sources for immediate consumption and easily generate visualizations for leading BI tools.
  • Advanced Modeling Data Studio: Simplify data modeling with a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Query Accelerator: Reduce time to insight with at-scale query acceleration on relational data. Run complex queries regardless of the dashboarding tool used.
  • The Global Semantic Layer: Maintain a full inventory of analytics assets with a metadata-enriched analytics catalog to support ML and generative AI use cases. Transform analytical workflows and deploy data products with integrated governance, observability, and lineage.

“We are thrilled to introduce Incorta X, an innovation that transcends traditional boundaries in data analytics. With the Augmented Analytics and Advanced Modeling of Incorta X, even business users can now perform the most complex data engineering work and advance their business much faster than their competitors,” said Osama Elkady, CEO of Incorta. “Incorta X marks a paradigm shift in how businesses harness the power of their data. Our focus on delivering a smart, AI-powered data platform ensures that companies can extract maximum value from their data assets while greatly reducing cost and time.”

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About Incorta

Incorta’s open data delivery platform simplifies access to data from multiple, complex enterprise systems to unlock the full value of organizational data, making it readily available for analysis. Backed by GV, Kleiner Perkins, M12, Prysm Capital, Telstra Ventures, and Sorenson Capital, Incorta empowers the most forward-thinking companies to tackle their toughest data challenges, from innovators in the midmarket to Fortune 1000 category leaders such as Broadcom, Comcast, and Shutterfly. For more information visit

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