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October 21, 2019

Diyotta, Splice Machine Team up to Accelerate Data Integration for Clearsense Healthcare Data Analytics Platform

Oct. 21, 2019 — Diyotta, Inc., an enterprise-class, serverless data integration platform for modern data environments, today announced that it is joining with Splice Machine’s industry-leading hybrid RDBMS to accelerate data integration for the Clearsense healthcare data analytics platform.

Clearsense chose Splice Machine’s unified RDBMS, data warehouse, and machine learning management platform to give healthcare customers faster access to high performance data analytics. Adding Diyotta’s data integration capabilities to the platform ensures the data moves quickly, securely, and seamlessly from source systems to Splice Machine, transforms the data using Splice Machine capabilities, and feeds data to machine learning and artificial intelligence applications

“We are thrilled to join with Clearsense and Splice Machine to deliver faster data and analytics to their healthcare customer base,” stated Sanjay Vyas, CEO of Diyotta. “When people see how effortlessly and seamlessly Diyotta moves data from source systems to data repositories and analytics environments, the decision is easy. Diyotta is the first data integration solution to leverage the compute power of modern data processing platforms to transform, aggregate, and orchestrate data.”

“Organizations deploying data initiatives are under increasing pressure to deliver solutions at a faster pace and with bigger returns, so any place where we can improve the speed and ease with which those initiatives are completed it is a win for the end user,” stated Monte Zweben, co-founder and CEO, Splice Machine. “By combining Diyotta’s data ingestion and push-down transformation capabilities with the machine learning capabilities of Splice Machine, we are able to help Clearsense speed the time to market for implementing their data analytics platform with customers.”

“Our customers are accustomed to receiving real-time results to empower their business decisions and we are constantly looking for ways to improve their experience through technology and innovation,” said Charles Boicey, Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense. “We are thrilled that by bringing Splice Machine and Diyotta together, our customers will be able to experience the same superior data analytics but at faster speeds and with the growing number of complex sources from which their data is pulled.”

Diyotta continues to expand its partner network to ensure that its platform is at the cutting edge of integration with today’s cloud, multi-cloud, and on-premises data environments.

Source: Splice Machine