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January 26, 2024

DataRobot Introduces Catalyst Program to Help Organizations Accelerate Generative AI Into Production

BOSTON, Jan. 26, 2024 — DataRobot, a leader in Value-Driven AI, has announced the DataRobot Generative AI Catalyst Program, designed to address the generative AI skills gap with a holistic offering to jumpstart and accelerate the delivery of high-impact generative AI use cases. The new program provides organizations with critical tools and support to develop a cross-functional generative AI strategy, drive critical use cases into production, and build lasting capabilities to scale independently and operate with confidence.

As organizations across industries look to implement generative AI, many currently lack the tactical execution skills and the knowledge required to successfully bring use cases to production. A recent IDC White Paper, sponsored by Microsoft, The Business Opportunity of AI, found that 52% of organizations surveyed reported the lack of skilled workers is a barrier to implementing AI, making it the biggest barrier cited.

The DataRobot Generative AI Catalyst Program is a complete playbook for building, implementing and scaling value-driven generative AI, including:

  • Custom Roadmaps for High-impact Use Cases: Targeted workshops facilitated by DataRobot generative AI experts to identify high-impact opportunity areas, quantify benefits, identify risks and develop a prioritized roadmap to implement solutions in production.
  • Accelerated Delivery of Generative AI and RAG Solutions: Partnership and support to rapidly prototype and deploy high-priority use cases, aligned with the right LLM or implementation approach, with access to the world-class DataRobot AI Platform and latest generative AI capabilities.
  • Production and Custom Performance Monitoring Design Patterns: Dedicated deployment support and templates to help teams create scalable operating models, streamline integrations, establish governance frameworks, and mitigate security and reputational risk.
  • Advanced Technical Training: Sharpen skills for AI builders and experts with best-in-class design practices – including LLM evaluation methods, ideal prompting strategies and fine-tuning – and advanced techniques for mitigating off-brand responses through hands-on labs, hackathons and exposure to the latest trends in generative AI.
  • Risk, Compliance and Ethics Frameworks: Learn from DataRobot experts to understand and mitigate risk, compliance, and ethics concerns and build enterprise-grade frameworks to operate more securely and confidently.
  • Generative AI Literacy: Upskill your entire organization — from business users to executives — with educational resources curated to better understand, identify and apply the value of generative AI across the business.

“With over ten years of experience at the forefront of AI innovation and with more than 500 customers operating AI initiatives in production, we know what it takes to deliver AI with real-world value,” said Jay Schuren, Chief Customer Officer, DataRobot. “The DataRobot Generative AI Catalyst Program is designed to break through generative AI barriers by providing the technology, tools and expertise to not only jumpstart AI initiatives, but to build an enduring AI-driven culture, mitigate risk and increase confidence across your organization.”

To learn more and get started today with the DataRobot Generative AI Catalyst Program, visit

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