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April 10, 2024

DataChat’s Latest Update, DataChat 2.0, Empowers Users with AI-Driven Data Analysis and Visualization Tools

MADISON, Wis., April 10, 2024 — DataChat, the no-code, generative AI platform for instant analytics, has released DataChat 2.0. The next generation of the DataChat platform enables enterprise users to quickly ask questions of their data in plain English via either a chat-based conversation, a spreadsheet interface or a combination of the two, and receive straightforward answers, insights and visualizations, as well as detailed information on how those answers were generated.

“From the beginning, our founders recognized the need for conversational analytics that could enable everyone – not just data scientists – to analyze complex datasets,” said Viken Eldemir, CEO, DataChat. “While many companies have scrambled to build a generative AI strategy in the wake of ChatGPT, DataChat made generative AI central to its product strategy back in 2017. Today, the DataChat platform includes the functionality to automate mass data prep, exploration, visualization and modeling, all driven by a Gen-AI conversational approach, without the risks inherent in using generative AI that still has training wheels.”

Specifically, DataChat translates users’ plain English queries into complex Python or SQL using built-in machine learning, predictive analytics and automated insights, and returns answers and visualizations. DataChat scales to large datasets – billions of rows of data is standard – and behind the scenes selects the best machine learning model for the question.

Isomark Health, a company with a patented breath technology to detect viral and bacterial infections in production animals, and the builder of the largest bovine breath database, uses DataChat to communicate its value to the marketplace in real time.

“Using DataChat, we are able to quickly generate overviews of the health of a farmer’s herd leveraging factors such as average, minimum, and maximum weight, delta, and other biomarkers,” said Fariba Assadi-Porter, PhD, and Isomark Health CEO and co-founder.

“Not only does this enable us to show our value to our customers but also, the ability to reuse data science workflows saves us a considerable amount of time each month.”

The launch of DataChat 2.0 comes on the heels of a busy six months for the Wisconsin-based company founded by academic researchers Rogers Jeffrey Leo John and Carnegie Mellon University computer science professor Jignesh Patel. New developments include the hiring of CEO Viken Eldemir, joining the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program and providing a sneak peek at its new platform at the Gartner Data and Analytics Summit in Florida last month.

About DataChat

DataChat is a no-code, generative-AI analytics platform that makes complex data science accessible to everyone, regardless of technical background or experience. Founded in 2017 by a team of University of Wisconsin data science researchers, DataChat is trusted by both startups and Fortune 50 companies for its ability to transform complex data into credible, actionable insights using plain English – no coding required. Headquartered in Madison, Wis., DataChat secured a $25M Series A investment led by Redline Capital and Anthos Capital in 2021, as well as early-stage investment from Celesta Capital and Nepenthe Capital. To learn more, visit

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