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November 10, 2023

D2iQ Announces DKP 2.7 Release: Integrating VMware Support and AI Navigator for Tailored Kubernetes Solutions

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 10, 2023 — D2iQ, a leading Kubernetes management platform provider, announced the newest updates to its award-winning multi-cluster D2iQ Kubernetes Platform (DKP). DKP 2.7 features automated AI management and troubleshooting enhancements, as well as multi-tenancy advances that give platform engineering teams and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) global visibility and heightened operational efficiency while enabling DevOps teams to seamlessly view and manage clusters.

DKP 2.7 embodies the D2iQ vision of providing ease of management through state-of-the-art automation within a feature-complete, production-ready, intelligent infrastructure that unleashes innovation.

This new release empowers enterprises, public sector organizations, and MSPs to deploy and manage a flexible production-ready Kubernetes environment more quickly, easily, and securely. Informed by customer-led updates, DKP 2.7 delivers improved monitoring, management, and security capabilities.

Automated Troubleshooting Reduces Labor and Costs

In DKP 2.7, DKP Insights becomes a full-fledged automated troubleshooting assistant as it graduates from a technology preview to a generally available add-on product. DKP Insights is like having a Kubernetes expert by your side to identify, correct, and even prevent problems. Insights differs from other troubleshooting tools by leveraging a broad spectrum of open-source components and proprietary algorithms. It also comes fully installed and integrated in DKP, compared with third-party apps that require installation and integration.

Insights works by scanning for vulnerabilities and running a series of checks to detect performance and availability issues like out-of-memory errors, disk-full errors, crashlooping pods, certificate expiration, deprecated APIs, and outdated components. Early warning alerts enable admins to address issues before they become critical and to prevent downtime. Corrective recommendations adhere to best practices and Center for Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks.

Customizable Multi-Tenancy and VMware Director Support Helps MSPs

DKP 2.7 enhances MSP provisioning and management capabilities by providing customizable and more comprehensive multi-tenancy features that simplify the management of multiple customer environments while ensuring isolation, control, and ease of use.

The new multi-tenancy capabilities are complemented by DKP 2.7’s integration with VMware Cloud Director, which addresses the growing need for managing and deploying Kubernetes clusters on VMware infrastructure. Integration with VMwareCloud Director simplifies the deployment process, enabling customers to easily deploy DKP on their existing VMware infrastructure.

AI Navigator Pioneers Precise Kubernetes Assistance

As part of D2iQ’s continuous effort to improve Kubernetes management through intelligent infrastructure, the DKP AI Navigator chatbot has been given the ability to deliver tailored cluster-specific responses. Recognizing that each Kubernetes environment has its nuances and unique configurations, DKP AI Navigator has been enhanced to understand and adapt to each user’s specific cluster setup.

By integrating real-time cluster details into its intelligent framework, DKP AI Navigator is capable of interpreting cluster-specific prompts and providing tailored completions when the appropriate context is submitted by users. This enhancement facilitates more productive engagement, reduces time spent on troubleshooting, and ensures that customers receive precise, relevant information tailored to their distinct Kubernetes deployments.

More Secure Deployments with Flatcar

DKP 2.7 also enables the latest LTS version of Flatcar OS to be deployed in vSphere and AWS infrastructures. Flatcar is an open-source immutable Linux distribution designed for containers. Its immutable nature helps reduce the attack surface, making it more resilient to security threats. Flatcar’s security advantages make it a strong choice for security-conscious organizations.

Instant Platform Engineering

DKP is fully automated and feature-complete, giving customers a production-ready Kubernetes management platform out of the box. In effect, DKP provides instant platform engineering that gives developers a “golden path” to agile production. Through in-platform updates, D2iQ handles all 24 DKP platform application integrations, reducing the number of upgrades customers must perform annually from 71 to just three, yielding significant labor and cost savings.

DKP 2.7 will be generally available for existing customers in November 2023. To learn more, visit

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