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August 29, 2023

Confluent Expands Partnership with Google Cloud; Named a Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for the 4th Time

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., Aug. 29, 2023 — Confluent, Inc. today announced an expanded partnership with Google Cloud, and also announced that it was named the Google Cloud Technology Partner of the Year for Google Marketplace–Data and Analytics. Through their long-standing partnership, Confluent and Google Cloud make it easy for customers to connect and process real-time data flows throughout their entire organization to power modern applications and analytics. To help more companies access real-time insights at scale, Confluent has deepened its partnership with Google Cloud for expanded technical, marketing and sales investments.

“Together, Confluent and Google Cloud are helping organizations solve their most pressing data challenges,” said Erica Schultz, President of Field Operations, Confluent. “Through our expanded partnership, we’ll help more customers transform their businesses with real-time data and modernize their data platforms with a reliable bridge from their on-premise, multi-cloud data architectures to Google Cloud.”

“Google Cloud’s partner awards recognize the significant impact and customer success that our partners have driven over the past year,” said Kevin Ichhpurani, Corporate Vice President, Global Ecosystem and Channels, Google Cloud. “We’re delighted to recognize Confluent as a 2023 Google Cloud Partner Award winner, and look forward to a continued strong partnership in support of our mutual customers.”

Confluent’s Extended Partnership with Google Cloud Builds on Momentum Across Customer Success and Technical Innovations

As more companies seek to deliver personalized customer experiences and context-rich business operations, there is a growing demand for real-time data connectivity across diverse locations to update applications in real time. Available through Google Cloud Marketplace, Confluent is the connective tissue that allows real-time data from multiple sources to constantly stream across the organization. It feeds real-time data into best of breed Google Cloud services such as BigQuery, Google Cloud Storage, Dataflow, Dataproc, and VertexAI for organizations to build cutting edge machine learning, artificial intelligence, and streaming analytics use cases. For example, when Confluent is used with VertexAI, customers can build powerful generative AI applications leveraging Google Cloud’s foundational models and augmenting them with real-time context. Also, Confluent’s fully managed data streaming platform significantly alleviates the operational burdens, risks and costs of managing Apache Kafka.

“A lot of the cost savings over the last twelve months have come from moving into a more efficient way of developing applications with stream processing,” said Rob Contreras, Technical Architect, Toolstation. “With Confluent’s Google Cloud integration built in, we get consistent pricing that makes it easier—which is important, because we have a budget, and we’re a low-margin business.”

“We spent a lot of time managing our own brokers and databases and wanted to offload some of that. Confluent Cloud was the clear choice for us,” says Jack Butler, Software Architect, Cargo Signal. “Getting Confluent Cloud on Google Cloud Marketplace was a big win for us. It removed our infrastructure concerns, frees us to focus on all aspects of our Kafka integrations, and increased our general speed as a business.”

Confluent’s expanded partnership with Google Cloud deepens commitments across several focus areas and initiatives. Added technical support will further integrations between Confluent and Google Cloud’s data and analytics services. And, with enhanced go-to-market resourcing, there will be more awareness of the unique value that Confluent brings to Google Cloud customers, driving greater alignment across sales, marketing and engineering teams. The renewed commitment will build on the meaningful milestones Confluent and Google Cloud have already achieved.

About Confluent

Confluent (NASDAQ:CFLT) is the data streaming platform that is pioneering a fundamentally new category of data infrastructure that sets data in motion. Confluent’s cloud-native offering is the foundational platform for data in motion—designed to be the intelligent connective tissue enabling real-time data, from multiple sources, to constantly stream across the organization. With Confluent, organizations can meet the new business imperative of delivering rich, digital front-end customer experiences and transitioning to sophisticated, real-time, software-driven backend operations. To learn more, please visit

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