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Cray Parlays Supercomputing Technology Into Big Data Appliance

For the first time in its history, Cray has built something other than a supercomputer. On Wednesday, the company's newly hatched YarcData division launched "uRiKA," a hardware-software solution aimed at real-time knowledge discovery with terascale-sized data sets. The system is designed to serve businesses and government agencies that need to do high-end analytics in areas as diverse as social networking, financial management, healthcare, supply chain management, and national security. Read more…

Interview: Cray CEO Sees Big Future in Big Data

During the this year's annual Supercomputing Conference (SC11) in Seattle, Cray's home turf, we caught up with the company's CEO, Peter Ungaro to talk about the increasing meld between big data and traditional supercomputing--and what this blend could portend for Cray going forward. Read more…