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JanusGraph Picks Up Where TitanDB Left Off

Jan 13, 2017 |

Yesterday marked the formal launch of JanusGraph, a new Linux Foundation project formed to continue development of the TitanDB graph database.

JanusGraph is a fork TitanDB, the distributed graph database that was originally released in 2012 to enable users to find connections among large data sets composed of billions of vertices and edges. Read more…

Beyond Titan: The Evolution of DataStax’s New Graph Database

Jun 21, 2016 |

DataStax’s 2015 acquisition of Aurelius–the company behind the TitanDB graph database–was a clear statement about the importance of graph databases to Cassandra customers. Today marks the official announcement of DataStax Enterprise Graph, which the company is counting on to solve a number of operational and analytic problems for its customers, even if the database doesn’t look much like TitanDB anymore. Read more…

DataStax Dips Into Graph Waters, Pulls Out a Titan

Feb 3, 2015 |

Growing interest in graph database technology led DataStax to acquire Aurelius, the company behind the open source TitanDB graph database. DataStax tells Datanami that it plans to make the TitanDB technology available as an optional feature running on its commercial NoSQL database. Read more…

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