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Tag: Sensor Fusion

Investors Accelerating Driverless Car Development

Nov 9, 2017 |

Optimus Ride, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology AI spinoff developing fully autonomous vehicles, continues to attract venture funding as it applies machine learning, computer vision and mapping techniques to the problem a safe, driverless cars. Read more…

Intel Acquires Car Sensor Specialist Mobileye

Mar 13, 2017 |

Intel Corp. continued its foray into the autonomous vehicle sector this week with the acquisition of computer vision and machine-learning specialist Mobileye for about $15 billion in cash.

Betting that autonomous vehicles are emerging as “data centers on wheels,” Read more…

Ex-Security Chief Dishes on Israel’s Big Data Ops

Jan 7, 2015 |

The former head of the Israel Security Agency’s IT unit says big data has been widely used by the Israeli military to track down and kill enemies of the Israeli state, including several senior Hamas leaders killed during the Israeli incursion into Gaza Strip last summer. Read more…

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