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The New Omnichannel Imperative: AI to the Rescue

May 11, 2020 |

Consumers in the United States have been increasingly turning to e-commerce during the COVID-19 outbreak, due to social distance measures and shelter-in-place orders that started rolling out in the mid-late March time frame. Read more…

Why You Should Strengthen Your Retail Analytics Strategy with Multiple Versions of the Truth

May 31, 2019 |

With an influx of data into retailers’ environments—from e-commerce, social media, in-store data and supply chain technology, to name a few new sources—structuring how to interpret that data and then act on it to create unique and personalized customer experiences requires a different approach to business intelligence (BI). Read more…

Forecasting AI Adoption in Retail: A Mixed Bag

Apr 29, 2019 |

You don’t have to look far to see the impact that artificial intelligence is having on the world around us. Across multiple facets of work and play, we’re surrounded by smart devices and applications that are strangely prescient at anticipating our wants and needs. Read more…

Retailer Mines Decades of Data

Jul 23, 2018 |

We often hear that online retail is among the business sectors furthest along on its digital transformation and AI journeys. is a case in point.

The giant (2017 revenue: Read more…

5 Ways Analytics Drives Cyber Monday Sales

Nov 27, 2017 |

Today is expected to be the busiest online shopping day in history, with more than $6 billion changing electronic hands. So how are businesses poised to take advantage of all that spending? Read more…

Attention Shoppers: You’re Being Analyzed

Nov 30, 2016 |

Commerce Signals, developer of a bridge platform designed to connect advertisers and publishers with data from financial institutions, announced a partnership this week that combines transaction with location data so retailers can understand customers’ Read more…

9 Ways Retailers Are Using Big Data and Hadoop

Jul 20, 2016 |

The big data revolution is changing how business gets done in all industries. That includes the massive retail market, which drives $2.6 trillion in business in the U.S. and employs 42 million Americans. Read more…

Unlocking Retail’s Big Data Opportunity

Apr 8, 2016 |

Walmart remains the world’s largest company by revenue and the retail sector employs more people in the U.S. than any other sector outside of healthcare. While the 2015 holiday season was considered a lackluster one, the industry still saw sales increase 3 percent to $626.1 billion. Read more…

How Retailers Are Benefiting from Prescriptive Analytics

Feb 11, 2016 |

With the price transparency wrought by the Internet, retailers are finding it harder to compete. But thanks to big data analytics and machine learning, the smartest stores are gaining better margins by making small changes in their operations, increasingly by way of prescriptive analytics. Read more…

AOL Ad Platform Adds Machine Learning

Sep 17, 2015 |

One-time online juggernaut AOL is expanding its digital advertising platform to incorporate analytics with the goal of marrying machine learning with ad design to gauge the success of targeted advertising across different formats and platforms. Read more…

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