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Funders Target Flexible Graph Databases

Jul 31, 2019 |

The graph database ecosystem continues to expand with new venture funding for Dgraph Labs Inc., a transactional and distributed graph database startup.

The San Francisco-based startup announced an $11.5 million Series A funding round on Wednesday (July 31) led by Redpoint Ventures. Read more…

AWS, Others Seen Moving Off Oracle Databases

Jan 3, 2018 |

The shift to open source database software is reportedly weakening Oracle and other traditional database vendors as major customers like Amazon ready lowest cost alternatives.

Oracle (NYSE: ORCL), which implemented a cloud computing initiative last year, insisted in December that large database customers such as Amazon and Salesforce remain among its roster of Fortune 500 database customers. Read more…

Cloudera Releases Impala Into the Wild

May 1, 2013 |The week, Cloudera announced that Impala, their SQL on Hadoop initiative, is moving out of public beta and into general availability. Datanami spoke with Cloudera to get an overview of the state of Impala, how they see it stacking up in the competitive landscape, and where the space will move in the near future. Read more…

New Ropes for Scaling the SQL Wall

Feb 4, 2013 |In the war being raged against big data there might not be a clear victor in the SQL and NoSQL camps. In fact, some have made the argument that companies need both camps to scale into a new era and colonize the uncivilized masses of teeming, wild data—much of it galloping into real-time application engines. According to Splice Machine CEO, Monte Zweben there are... Read more…
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