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Tag: predictive modeling

Predictive Analytics Drives Profits for Insurers, Study Shows

Jun 1, 2018 |

A study conducted by Valen Analytics found a strong correlation between the use of data analytics and predictive modeling and superior profitability among insurance companies.

Valen Analytics yesterday released the results of its third annual return on investment (ROI) study of its own customers. Read more…

Don’t Be a Big Data Snooper

Aug 23, 2016 |

One of the biggest challenges that data scientists face is separating true predictors from false ones. When an airtight causal model can’t be created, data scientists often look to a secondary class of models based on correlations to accurately predict outcome. Read more…

0xdata Aims to Turn Hadoop Into a Fortune-Telling Math Wiz

Oct 29, 2013 |One of the interesting phenomenon surrounding the rise of NoSQL databases are the companies cropping up to turn that data into predictive insight. One company, 0xdata (pronounced Hexadata), has developed a toolset that is says is like using Legos to build predictive analytic models. Read more…

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