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Tag: platform computing

Top 5 Challenges for Hadoop MapReduce in the Enterprise

Jul 16, 2012 |Reporting and analysis tools help businesses make better quality decisions faster. The source of information that enables these decisions is data. There are broadly two types of data: structured and unstructured. Recently, IT has struggled to deliver timely analysis using data warehousing architectures designed for batch processing. These architectures can no longer meet demand owing to rapidly rising data volumes and new data types that beg for a continuous approach to data processing. Read more…

Platform Beefs Up Big Data Cloud Management

Dec 5, 2011 |Platform Computing ushered in the newest incarnation of its grid, cloud and cluster management software, Platform ISF with the release of verison 3.0. Included in the update are features the company hopes will make big data resource management simpler and more accessible. Read more…
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