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From NSA Whistleblowers to Analytics Entrepreneurs

Oct 8, 2018 |

A pair of NSA analysts who blew the whistle on the spy agency’s misuse of their security and privacy controls have come out of retirement to form a startup providing data analytics services based on a proprietary “decision intelligence” framework. Read more…

Hortonworks Boosts Streaming Analytics, IoT Plays with NiFi Deal

Aug 25, 2015 |

Hortonworks today announced a definitive agreement to acquire Onyara, the company behind the data routing and streaming technology called Apache NiFi. The Hadoop heavy also announced NiFi will be the basis for its second major product line, Hortonworks DataFlow, which will underlie real-time streaming analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) applications. Read more…

Lockheed Martin, Data Vendors Team on Secure Spy Database

Jun 25, 2015 |

Geospatial intelligence is among the hottest and most data-intensive tools being used by U.S. military analysts to sweep up huge amounts of satellite and other sensor imagery. This highly classified data is often combined with other emerging intelligence sources like social media. Read more…

NSA Releases Data Management Tool

Dec 1, 2014 |

The National Security Agency said it is expanding its open source portfolio by releasing the source code for software designed to manage data network interoperability.

NSA said Nov. Read more…

Big Data Meets Big Brother: Inside the Utah Data Center

Aug 6, 2013 |While the NSA operates many data facilities, none compare to the new $1.5 Billion data center scheduled to open this September in Bluffdale, Utah. Take a look at what this 120 acre monster facility entails... Read more…

The NSA, Big Data, and “Total Information Awareness”

Aug 27, 2012 |Big data research is generally optimistic in its aims. From advancing personalized medicine or predicting airplane failure, many in the big data industry are seeing an ever-growing bevy of useful, helpful applications on the horizon. However, as Shane Harris... Read more…
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