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MapR Extends Its Platform to the Edge

Mar 14, 2017 |

MapR Technologies today unveiled MapR Edge, an extension of its converged data platform that lets customers install MapR nodes practically anywhere they want.

The new offering runs on small portable PCs like the Intel NUC (pictured above), and delivers the full breadth of MapR’s capabilities–including Hadoop, NoSQL, and data streaming functionality—anywhere customers want, from autonomous cars driving rural highways to wellheads in the oil field. Read more…

MapR’s Top Execs Sound Off on Hadoop, IoT, and Big Data Use Cases

Nov 3, 2015 |

When it comes to putting big data into action, there are few companies doing what MapR Technologies is doing. From implementing massive Hadoop clusters on Wall Street to preparing for the next wave of distributed computing with the Internet of Things, the company is a leader in its space. Read more…

The Role of Bias In Big Data: A Slippery Slope

Aug 3, 2015 |

When most people hear the word “bias” they think of gender or racial discrimination or other situations where preconceptions lead to bad decisions.

These kinds of biases and bad decisions are common. Read more…

MapR Puts Apache Drill into Hadoop Distro

Sep 16, 2014 |

Organizations today demand tools that provide familiar SQL-based access to data stored on HDFS. Today, MapR Technologies gave its customers yet another SQL interface when it announced support for Apache Drill 0.5 in the new release of its commercial Hadoop distribution, MapR 4.0.1. Read more…

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