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Big Data in E-Commerce: Investments With the Highest Return

Feb 9, 2018 |

Before you landed here, you might have already read many articles on big data that sounded more like panegyrics. Our aim is not to sing big data’s praises, but to take an unbiased look at its possible use cases in e-commerce. Read more…

Clustrix Database Targets E-commerce

Sep 23, 2014 |

Just in time for holidays, a scale-out SQL database running in the cloud from startup Clustrix is geared to e-commerce websites characterized by traffic spikes that require databases to scale in order to avoid costly downtime. Read more…

Oracle Rounds Out Retail Appeal with Endeca Buy

Oct 21, 2011 |This week Oracle announced its intent to bring Endeca into the fold, thereby bolstering their ability to reach big data-aware e-commerce and retail giants. While Oracle has traction in this area already, bringing the ability to manage unstructured data and retailer demands simultaneously makes this buy big news, especially for rivals HP, IBM and SAP. Read more…

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